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Swtor NEEDS to take a page from witcher 2

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Swtor NEEDS to take a page from witcher 2

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02.11.2012 , 12:38 PM | #1
Okay, so part of this is that they need to add more planets to level on because I've seen 3 ppl who were newcomers and leveled too quickly, and thus ran into a problem where they couldnt continue to get xp from questing because the only quests available to them are too high to kill anything or too low to get xp. Therefore ppl could go to an alternate planet and they would never have to worry about this type of thing happening. Also it would allow for greater leveling variety, making it so leveling a new class isnt roughly the same as leveling every other class (you do the same quests every time). Here's the problem, beyond giving you more quests in a different environment, theres no reason for your character to stop their main quest and go to banzelphfar the planet of wastes.

Here's where the Witcher 2 comes in...

avoiding spoilers, in end of act 1 of witcher 2 you get a choice that COMPLETELY changes how your story will play out. Other games have done this where youre just experiencing the same story from a different side, but the witcher 2 did it to where if you chose to side with the elf, you're fighting the oppressive humans in a "defend the keep to survive" type situation. But if you chose to side with the human youre playing through the intrigue of human politics, and it becomes more of a revenge story than an uplifing survival story.

What they could do with this: they could eventually give you a choice in your story to chose something that would change how your story plays out. For instance as a smuggler at the end of act 1 (it should be mentioned I have no idea what the end of act 1 looks like for smugglers, I'm just giving a "what if") you could chose between going further underground, taking missions that will take darker turns, you'll meet the same characters as companions (or potentially get ones that you would only meet if you make this choice). Or you could decide to work for the gangster hunting you, who introduces you to the hunt for an artifact that he wants, and thus you go into the idea of working for and against him, deciding when to stab him in the back and make off with your new found fortune.

What this would do for Swtor: it would add longevity and variety to the game... sudenly rolling alts of the same class will have bigger differences than combat, and whether or not this character is now a tank/healer. Your character could come out of it VERY different from the first time you played through as a smuggler, beyond just that one is light side one is dark side. It would also make it so that if you wanted to get a few more levels before going to the next planet, or if you wanted to skip the next planet altogether you could do so without punishment.