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A taste of an operation I'm working on

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02.10.2012 , 02:26 PM | #1
A lot of the operations that have been submitted are executed very well and challenge players to the fullest extent. One thing I have noticed is outside of KP puzzle boss most the fights are the typical tank and spank linear design. I remember watching a video a while back saying how the operations are going to be epic and not just a bunch of guys sitting there swinging away at one mob until it dies to collect loot and go on.

A lot of fights require so much more than the typical tank and spank and for that I'm grateful; however, I have had some time to burn and in the process I have been designing some boss fights that I will eventually submit in and see where it goes from there. With that here is the first fight I have been working on. It is not polished 100% yet but I feel enough to share and hear back as to what you guys/gals think.

The operation I'm working on is based on the Directive 7 flashpoint, it is assuming that "Mentor" was able to upload some of himself into a nearby "orbital bombardment station/droid factory" before we destroyed him. He is now in orbit over either the Republic or Empire capitol planet ready to exterminate all life on them (depending on what side you play on) and it is up to your operation to stop him.

The operation starts off as a ship/boss fight and here is how it starts.

Ship 8 man- 1pilot, 2 missile gunners, 2 repair crew and 3 gunners
Ship 16 man- 1 pilot, 4 missile gunners, 4 repair crew and 6 gunners

The mission layout to approach the orbital station take place on either an asteroid field or an ice field with an Orbital station as the prime target.


1) Take out orbital bombardment canon
2) Take out antenna relay (3)
3) Take out airlock force field generators (2)
4) Survive to land in orbital station

This is how the crews will be broken down

Pilot- The pilot will be in charge of flying the ship and avoiding damage from turrets, spacecraft, asteroids and other debris. Their main objection is to keep the ship alive intact long enough so it can land safely in the orbital station air lock to complete this boss encounter with their exceptional pilot skills. (Barrel roll and avoiding stuff is going to be key in survival.)

Missile crew- The missile crew will be in charge of destroying the main objectives with their missiles and possible destruction of debris and asteroids. The objectives are listed above.

Gunner crew- The gunner crew is in charge of shooting down the enemy fighters and defense turrets, they may also take place in destroying asteroids and debris as well.

Repair crew- This crew is part of the puzzle in this fight. The repair crew is in charge of taking power from essential systems to restore shields to keep the ship alive from damage taken. The repair crew must work together and decide what system they wish to pull power from as they all must lock on the same system for it to work.

Explanation of repair crew puzzle

If the repair crew pulls power from the missile systems it will reduce the damage of the missiles by 50% for 30 seconds and reduce the payload by 25%.

If the repair crew pulls power from the gunner system it will reduce the rate of fire from 10 shots per second to 6 shot per second and reduce the damage per shot from 100 to 75. This will last 30 seconds.

If the repair crew pulls power from the control system it will reduce the ships handling greatly and the pilot will be unable to preform barrel rolls. Duration 30 seconds.

The last system they can pull from is the life support system for emergency situations. This will take a percentage of the life support system based on damage repaired and duration of the fight. The life support does not regenerate during the fight and can only be monitored by the pilot. (this makes using communication to use the life support system a must from the repair crew and the pilot to know if there is enough life support to be used.) If the life support on the ship hits 0% you have 30 seconds to complete the encounter before everyone on board dies. Pulling power from the life support system can only be done twice on normal modes and once on hard and nightmare.

The repair crew puzzle fight- In order to preform the puzzle fight all members of the repair crew must agree on what system they wish to pull power from. Once they decided they will begin making selections. From left to right on the bottom row, colors will appear and cycle every 2 seconds not to repeat themselves until a full rotation of colors. (This would be 8 seconds from a color such as red showing up and re appearing) There will be 4 rectangles on the bottom row, each rectangle flashing a new color every 2 seconds. When the color of the wanted system to pull power from appears the repair crewman will select it to lock it in. Once all 4 of the bottom rectangle are of the same color the repair crew can lock in their choice, once both repair crews lock in their choice, the power from that system will be re-routed to repair the shield and the debuff to the selected system will appear. If you wish to restart selection after already locking in a system color you will hit the restart systems button; however, you will be locked out of making selections for 8 seconds.

Boss fight ends once you land in the airlock and board the station

This is what I have for far for the operation, it is not 100% done but again I wanted to post on here to see what you all think and what ideas/feedback you have to tweak the fight with. We are the players on the operations so a fight that challenges us is what I'm trying to make.

Also I have this posted on my community website with pictures for the puzzle (go go mspaint!) and the second boss fight that I'm designing as well (it uses a system much like the MGGS). So feel free to take a look!
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02.10.2012 , 02:48 PM | #2
Whatever you do, do NOT take any ideas from the MGGS...
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02.10.2012 , 03:00 PM | #3
LOL it is a close system. The way it works is the next boss fight at 50% he will open air locks trying to suck you and your operation out. You use a system like the MGGS to lock onto magnetic panels and have to shoot the control terminals on the airlock to shut it before you get sucked out.
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02.13.2012 , 02:08 AM | #4
The second boss fight takes place in the airlock/room you enter after you land the ship. The will be trash to have to be cleared in the room before the boss appears and the fight to begin. Before the players begin the fight all player will have to loot a magnetic grapple from a crate in the room.

The design lay out and fight is listed below.

There will be cat walks on both sides of the room on the cat walks will be 2 switches used to the boss fight in this room.
The room will be a large open room with plenty of area to move the boss around as this will be a important mechanic of the fight.

Fight mechanics are listed below

The two switches on the catwalk will need to be pressed through out the boss fight in order to defeat the boss. The switch on the left side releases carbonite from a moving valve in the ceiling that will freeze the boss and ANYONE caught in its blast radius for 12 seconds and increases damage taken by 100% (this switch can only be pushed every 45 seconds). The boss will do increased damage based on the percent of health lost while in the frozen state for 30 seconds. EXAMPLE: if the boss loses 23% HP while frozen, then the boss will now do 23% more damage for 30 seconds.

The second switch on the right side is used to drop a crate of droids on the ground used to LOS (line of sight) the boss from his next ability FOCUSED EYE ATTACK. When FOCUSED EYE ATTACK is being channeled you have five seconds to use the right switch to drop the crate for who ever he is focused on to survive. For each second you are being focused on you will lose 20% of your HP. Once the crate drops it will also release 5 droids that must be destroyed (There may be a similiar mechanic like the rancor in KP where for each one he melts and consumes he repairs for 1% hp).

During the fight the boss will randomly target operation members and charge at them, if the ability lands the character will take moderate damage, be knocked back and stunner for eight seconds. You can dodge his charge by moving to the side when he is moving at you.

Every time the boss loses 10% health (while not frozen in carbonite) He will do an AOE knock up to all players.

Once the boss reaches 50% health he will jump up and grab a moving valve and disappear into the next room. While he is moving into the next room he will shoot the airlock controls to open the airlock. There will be 2 lights in the room flashing. An Amber light that lets everyone know the airlock will open in 8 seconds and a red light that means the door will open in 3 seconds. When the red light begins flashing EVERYONE must use their magnetic grapple on the magnetic plates scattered in the room or they will be sucked out the airlock, die and unable to be brought back to life with battle res. While being pulled on from the airlock opened you will have a strength bar that last for 15 seconds. Once the strength bar hits zero you will be unable to hold on to the grapple and will be sucked out. To avoid being sucked out you must click on the hinges of the airlock to shoot them or use your force, this will explode them and shut the door. There will be a total of 20 that need to be click on. (This will be similiar to opening the door after the first boss in EV.)

Once the door shuts you may proceed into the next room to resume the fight. The mechanics of the fight will be the same as the other room with the switches and cat walks. Once the boss hits 1% hp he will open the airlock again to attempt to suck you out with him. Once again use the grapple on the magnetic plates and destroy the airlock hinges to complete the fight.
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