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What the heck is going on?

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12.15.2011 , 03:12 PM | #1
1. Ordered online via BestBuy.
2. BestBuy didn't send Code.
3. Call Best Buy Get Code.
4. Enter Code. and Beta Test Code. (both codes appear in account).
5. Play Game during beta weekend (Happy)
6. Check account week after.
7. All subscriptions GONE.
8. Contact CS Via email.
9. Next day, get stupid email about are you sure you used correct account and other idiotic things to try.
10. Reply, yes my is it the account I had the codes on.
11 semd screem shots of all the reciepts, codes, confimations.
11. Next Day, send us all the screen shots proving your not lieing.
12. send screen shots of all the reciepts, codes, confirmation. again.
13. 3 days later, (CS) here try this code.
14. tries that code, still rejected.
15. reply to CS hey that code doesn't work either.
16. next day... crickets.
17. ok, new tactic, call BestBuy get another code.
18. enter new code, rejected.
19. Apparently CS Email is dead. Call bioware.
20 1hour plus of enduring musaz. Hi can I help you.
21 yes here is the problem, here is the codes.
22 (CS) your account is ok.
23 (Me) no, my account is not ok, I don't see any activation on my Account page.
24. (CS Phone) Ok, send me reciepts,codes and confirmations.
25 (me) sends the info again. Considers making a macro to do this.
26 (CS mail) Oh ya, seems the system was broken when you put your codes in.
27 *thinks* gee that sucks the system was online and broken and wasn't able to recover. And folks would have to fend for themselves to get their accounts straightened out.
28 Yay, my account now shows the subscriptions I should have, but oh wait... the dates are set to the date when I spoke to the CS person.
29. upset, now my position in the queue is as if I'd entered my code weeks after I actually did.
30. After all this will my codes really work?