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CS pushed back my pre-order redemption date?

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CS pushed back my pre-order redemption date?

kittiesgomeow's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 02:53 PM | #1
I first pre-ordered TOR from Gamestop in late October and they gave me no pre-order code. After having issues trying to get my code, I decided to pre-order the digital copy off origin in mid November. I redeemed my pre-order code, and have been waiting since. On Dec. 11 I contacted customer support about the original pre-order code, hoping that maybe I could get my date pushed back the extra couple of weeks. Sometime during the time on the phone with CS, I realized that they would probably end up pushing my redemption date to that day. So, in my last contact with CS, I sent them the following message:

"If your putting in my October early access code will put me in later in the queue maybe we should just forget about it. I sent the proof of purchase you requested, but I'd rather just cut my losses if it's going to reduce my early access time."

After waiting for a early access invite, I got suspicious and decided to go check my code redemption date, which currently reads: "12 11 2011"

Now, I realize that there are a million people complaining about EGA at the moment, so I doubt anything will be done about this, but I just wanted to comment that it's a bit under handed that I was never even informed that my date was changed. If there's anything that can be done (since, like many others, I have people that already got in waiting for me to get access), that would be great. If not, then I would just like to comment that that's not very good business to do things like this to your customers when access is based off the date of your pre-order. I figure that I'll probably get in tomorrow, but it was a bit of a surprise when people that had redeemed their codes later than me were in the game before me.

Thank you for your time.