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in defense of the prequels

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02.11.2012 , 04:41 PM | #141
From the beginning, i seen the original trilogy when i was a kid and the prequels when i was a kid/teen. I loved everyone one of them at the time and still do now, why people hae so much hate is beyond me.

The only 2 things i have to question about the movies is:

1. The weird love scenes between anakin and padme (episode 2 in specific) and his fluctuating blob hormones. "your the closest thing to a father i have obi wan", 5 mins later...."HE'S HOLDING ME BACK ROAAARR".


2. The CGI on the droid tanks as they go over the hill to engage the gungans. I can see they are cgi, heck they havn't even had a skin or animation put over their model.

Nothing against them apart from that.

What i wish to clarify is why people rage at "what is this trade federation story all about?"

Let's see shall we. They block off all trade into the planet of Naboo, not allowing ships in or out without permissions, why? because lord sideous wanted them to. His plan was to become chancellor originally, so what better way to do it than have the queen back him up on his vote for chancellor. So thus after amidala escapes with the jedi.....pick up anakin all that stuff, he tells her to do a vote of confidence, thus opening up the position of supreme chancellor to candidates, includign sideous, which he inevitably gets in as he can easily persuade people as he's the most scheming sith lord there is. That is the main plot, plus the droid army is key to the seperatists in episode 2. so episodes 1 purpose is to allow the audience to get to know the characters and get an idea of the events to follow and who we are all dealing with on the goodside and badside.

Don't hate any of the movies. I suppose some people need to stop analysing things too deeply or they will hurt themselves.

EDIT: on a personal note, Episode V is my favourite specifically because of the ending with the rebel fleet and the beginning (and yoda ). Why have a big star destroyer when we can have an even bigger one?!??!?

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02.11.2012 , 04:55 PM | #142

Worth the watch, it puts into words the feelings most of us have about the prequels, but are unable to properly articulate.

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02.11.2012 , 05:11 PM | #143
Quote: Originally Posted by Lordgeneral View Post
"your the closest thing to a father i have obi wan", 5 mins later...."HE'S HOLDING ME BACK ROAAARR".
See, those conflicted feelings make perfect sense to me. I love the emotion Anakin is expressing (or TRYING to express) in Padme's chambers on Coruscant in AotC. He starts off talking about how important Obi-Wan is, how great he is, then rapidly segues into his faults as a teacher and how Anakin feels like he's not getting the respect he deserves from clearly the most important person in his life. It's a very real, human kind of emotion. The only flaw in that scene is that it is, as you said, expressed awkwardly (not that Anakin is awkward about expressing his emotions, but that the scene is awkward about allowing that expression to come forth.)
Jedi vs. Sith, Page 97, column 2, paragraph 4, line 1:

Prior to the Battle of Ruusan, the Jedi used crystals from many different sources, and ignited lightsabers in every known hue, including purple, orange, and gold.

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02.11.2012 , 07:03 PM | #144
If you defend the prequals you're defending Jar Jar.

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02.11.2012 , 08:58 PM | #145
Quote: Originally Posted by Rehneu View Post
Love it or hate it, it was the audience that changed. Not the movies.
Nah. Lucas's young and fresh creativity of Star Wars changed.

I can go through the originals and criticize them as well. I do find a few that I always disliked, like the over use of "this is rouge two" line in ep 5 or ewoks in ep 6, but those moments/lines I did dislike dont even come close to the obvious /facepalm moments in the prequels.
I mean come on, even as objective as you can get, you cant honestly say the prequels were just as cool or cooler than the originals.
Nah. No way.

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02.15.2012 , 10:04 PM | #146
Quote: Originally Posted by JJDunn View Post
If you defend the prequals you're defending Jar Jar.

did you read the intial post? i said i dont like jar jar now. but as a little kid i loved him to death
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02.15.2012 , 10:07 PM | #147
The reason I hate the prequels is that too much was spent introducing characters that didn't need to be introduced, and therefore not enough time spent on Anakin & Obi Wan. They spent most of the time apart, and therefore the confrontation between Vader and Obi Wan just didn't mean anything.

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02.16.2012 , 10:51 AM | #148
Quote: Originally Posted by Wolfninjajedi View Post
So tell me something the OT does it ever explain why there is a Rebellion, in detail?(In ANH I mean) Of course not, at least with the PT they somewhat try to explain why such and such happened(and also give a reason for a Rebellion to be formed) rather then a Rebellion appearing out of nowhere.
(Sorry, don't know if the questioned was answered just quoted from Page 5)

The Force Unleashed explains why the Rebellion formed. And plus it's an evil dictatorship, no one wants to live like that.

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02.16.2012 , 11:13 AM | #149
for me, the originals are better.
the prequels were over-hyped, but when i first watched the prequels - early teens - i loved them. but now i find that when i re-watch eps 1&2 that they arent all that great. Eps 3 and 5 are my favorites. I had a high amount of expectation for episode 3, as episodes 1 and 2 had just created more questions than answers. But episode 3 really delivered all the answers i was looking for.