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Directive 7 - Interrogator Continuous Spawning Solution!

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Directive 7 - Interrogator Continuous Spawning Solution!

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02.09.2012 , 09:34 PM | #1
Heya People

The kolto bomb is the problem in the continuous spawning of adds in the Interrogator fight in Directive 7. Do not use it at all during the entire encounter or any similar ability to get be able to get past this boss

Me and my trooper friend have tested this. We was in directive 7 with a another combat medic spec'd trooper and the problem happened to him every single time and no one else at all. We then got anew group with my trooper friend this time healing and it started happening again the boss started cloning continuously with him, which had never happened before.

Myself and him came to the conclusion that the kolto bomb must be the cause. We tested it and we managed to kill the boss with no extra adds spawning during the entire fight.

Hope this helps people get past this annoying bug and hope this gives Bioware a place to look to fix this bug.
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