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Maelstrom Prison HM - Colonel Daksh bugged ?

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02.14.2012 , 04:59 PM | #11
Im in my regular group doing this HM right now and this guy is raging in (2 mins). he charged his implants once after a 1 1/2 minute and raged at 2.... something is wrong here. Iv done this soooo many times.. never had a problem...
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02.14.2012 , 05:57 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by wikiwa View Post
i cleared that boss yesterday after like 6 tries, its imperative that no one dies and that your melee dps are very careful with aggro when he charges his optical implant, still some dps must be done while he is shootin lazers otherwise you hit enrage. As a vanguard tank i just blew all of my ammo while he was charging implant (to get some extra aggro) and did the same after 2nd implant wore off to finish him off before enrage. I guess u just need to blew everything before he charges and after 2nd charge
This is where Melee DPS is at a huge disadvantage likley he switches to you and no chance to get away... as a Sent I have stealth (with 100% dmg red)/guarded by force ready but if he switches to you can easily die before pop it. Also use Blade Storm and Cripple Throw since it has 10m+ range you can be closer to healer/ranged DPS but has long cooldown. I take the DPS light the first kite phase because I've easily over aggrod him going full throttle - but it's vital to DPS him during his charged phases at least one of them... he still enraged at end a few k health from death... luckily our Gunslinger was able to get the last few blows in when everyone else died.

This definitely can be one of the tougher HM bosses. Get by him tho rest of Malestrom is easy.
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