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Who's Already Canceled Due to PvP?

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Who's Already Canceled Due to PvP?

Shralper's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 03:28 PM | #11
Me! They've got till the end of the month for me to change my mind.

hargrave's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 03:28 PM | #12
Ive been on the fence since i been to ilum i wasnt "amazed" at it live or in beta and then gabe saying 100vs100 in there when it can barely handle 20vs20 and those dam stupid announcements coming up every 2 seconds that u still cant turn off or at least have put in your chat box. Seriously why i do i need to know someones over here and 2 secs have chat in the middle of the screen its anoying as hell. Im just grinding alts and going to see how legacy is im giving it 6 months to hope it be then what it should have been now.

The other thing that anoys me is why are having to wait for UI customization? thats coming soon? Do they not realize how that makes them look? Imagine wow or some other game doing this lol hey we got a ui customization coming soon! something that every other game has standard.

I will see them at comic con hopefully and ill ask them in person about ilum i might even ask for an apology lol.

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02.09.2012 , 03:30 PM | #13
The people who have truly jumped ship and gave up on this game completely will not be on this forum unless they are interested in the game.

Airoper's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 03:30 PM | #14
Let me guess your not on Ven Zallow?

astrocanis's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 03:32 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Vewdo View Post
I wanna see a tally of who has already canceled due to PvP in this game and is just waiting for their subscription time to end.

Just post if you've already quit! Im interested to see how many people have jumped ship already.
Actually, I just quit Rift because of PvP. Despite the gear-stupidity in this game, it's still better than Rift at this point. Speaking from a strictly PvP perspective. The Trion staff responds quickly - too quickly in many cases - whereas BW seems a bit slower. I'm not sure which I prefer. If I have to choose between slow and slightly buggy and quick and ill-advised, I think I'd take slower based on recent experience.

TheRFC's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 03:33 PM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by Evuke View Post
I'm not canceling due to pvp, i'm canceling due to the LACK of pvp.

I'd like to say I'm 'on the fence' too ... I'm kind of not, just still in the denial phase I'm Rank 57 Valor now and kiiiind of want to make it to 60 just to say I did but in reality I'm probably about a day or 2 at most away from cancelling.

It just hits you like a wall suddenly and mounting the enthusiasm is next to impossible to go back into another WZ.

I'd love to think that getting to L50 was the start of some EPIC adventure with memorable battles, etc. on the way. Getting to L50 is the end. Reroll an alt or unsubscribe, really.

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02.09.2012 , 03:35 PM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by hargrave View Post
I will see them at comic con hopefully and ill ask them in person about ilum i might even ask for an apology lol.
I would.

And you're right, so many things they're boasting about bringing to the game are simply standard in others.

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02.09.2012 , 03:36 PM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by wangchi View Post
To those that are leaving....BYE!!!!!!
at least some fanbois remain loyal to the tortanic.

gtdead's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 03:39 PM | #19
Waiting on tera right now, I'll cancel eventually. These people can't make pvp the way I like it so this game is not for me anymore but friends still play so I can stay around for a bit longer. Other option would be to go back to wow, but wow is boring and my friends playing there are pve champions. Also I'll try out gw2, no subscription, I'd be dumb to not give it a try.
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02.09.2012 , 03:40 PM | #20
If you already canceled and your still here... you reaaallly need to get a life.