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No /roll /random outside of Need Before Greed??? uggh

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No /roll /random outside of Need Before Greed??? uggh

borghe's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 07:56 AM | #1
So what the heck? Guild is trying not to implement DKP, EPGP, loot council. Most of the time this is working great. But yeah, there are times that 2-3 people want a single drop. All are fine with a random roll. OH WAIT! No random rolls in this game! But hold on, there is a random function on the master looter function. Random................. nice smuggler offhand there going to the trooper.

come on bioware. /roll. who gives a **** if it's in other MMOs. Who cares if it's not original. Who cares if it "facilitates casinos". Give us a gosh darn /roll.

And I'm sorry for being so pissed off about this... but the above story is true. three smugglers all willing to take their chances, master looter (against our better judgment with this game's track record) selects random on the gosh darn Rakata scattergun, and a trooper gets it. hope he likes the Enhancement on there at least.........