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Hot Bar Changes

Wolfshart's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 02:44 AM | #1
Been playing since release and I have to say the changes that keep happening to the hotbar cool down effects just keep getting worse. The original release version has been far and away the best. Why can't we just revert back to that one? If I can't use an ability it is dark, if I can it is lit up...very intuitive. The second one didn't work because it was hard to tell when an ability was off cool down and this latest "fix" made my eyes hurt since EVERY damn thing is lit up like a xmas tree and glows. PLEASE revert to the original launch day version (or something similar that is as intuitive) and stop messing with it! Glowy effects are just not working. As a hardware engineer I like things simple. Is it on?…yup, there is a light. Is it off?…yup, it’s dark.