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Workaround for HM Directive 7

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02.08.2012 , 12:22 PM | #1
Just letting everybody know this is an option to try. So far it's worked for me and my group 2 times out of 2 when we attempted it. Either it's luck or its keeping the Int from bugging, so i figured i'd share. As most people know, the interrogator likes to spawn multiple copies of a clone of a certain person. Last night it dcided to double bug and not only spawn multiple copies of our sniper on multiple occasions, but also spawn sith marauder copies (kind of funny because we never even had a SM in our group).

The solution: Find out who the INT bugs out on during your first attempt. Have this person stay outside the room UNTILL the interrogator spawns the clones. Up untill that point you have to 3-man the boss. Let the person who bugs out come in and help kill the clone when they spawn, then immediately get back outside the room. Once the interrogator gets to ~30% (when it usually ended up bugging on us), allow the last dps to come into the room. Odds are the Int will get another cloned copy out and it will bug. If it does kill the FIRST clone to appear (as the tank, i always mark it when it spawns with a target) so that the interrogator's invincibility drops. Then everybody forgets about the last bugged clones and zerg's down the interrogator

If anybody decides to give this a shot, let me hear feedback. Like i said, it's worked for me 2 times out of 2 that we have tried. Appreciate any feedback
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02.08.2012 , 09:21 PM | #2
Don't even both with the run in and out game... after wiping, we just have our Imp Agent sit out side while we 3 man it with an companion...