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Screenshots of Orange Armor

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Screenshots of Orange Armor

KraeVull's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 12:11 PM | #1
I'd reallly like to see screenshots of the orange gear which Synthweavers and Armormechs can create. I'm looking to commission some work from a Synthweaver and/or Armormech on Eidolon Security server, but first I'd like to see my options.

So, post screenshots of some of these items? Or point to a good central location to find them?


KraeVull's Avatar

02.27.2012 , 02:50 PM | #2
Georg Zoeller: Absolutely. With the upcoming Game Update 1.2, we are adding endgame crafting for all professions. This includes augment crafting, the ability to crit-craft custom (orange) gear with augment slots, new endgame schematics, new color crystals, expanded and improved research and reverse engineering and much more (we're up to 4 pages of crew skill related patch notes in 1.2. alone)

Combined with new features such as the ability to extract base-mods from purple items (including the set bonus) and the improved color matching feature, crafters of all professions will find themselves in a lot of demand once the update hits.
With the announcement of this soon coming update, I'd really appreciate it if someone can point towards a central location to find screenshots of craftable orange gear. Or, if none exist, how about we start one right here?

KraeVull's Avatar

02.27.2012 , 09:55 PM | #4
Hey, thanks very much for that link!

Now, does anyone have something similiar for Armormech orange gear?

Estelindis's Avatar

02.27.2012 , 10:28 PM | #5
Not that I'm aware, but you could just try TORhead or another similar site...

KraeVull's Avatar

02.28.2012 , 12:58 PM | #6
I was about to post about how I've tried finding screenshots on Torhead without luck, but then I tried something different. Now I realize the reason I could never find screenshots there of orange gear: I was searching by schematics. Once I took the names of the items I wanted to see and searched for them I found the items and then found screenshots.

At least, for some items. There are still quite a few which they are missing screenshots.

For instance, anyone have screenshots of Commando Elite Chestguard?

Jesira's Avatar

02.28.2012 , 01:03 PM | #7
I'd like to see this for armormech's as well.