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Poll: What do you think about the new changes made to global cooldown UI in 1.1.2?

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Poll: What do you think about the new changes made to global cooldown UI in 1.1.2?
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View Poll Results: What do you think about the new changes made to the global cooldown UI in Patch 1.1.2
They're good! 1,075 31.10%
They're terrible! 1,972 57.04%
I don't care either way. 410 11.86%
Voters: 3457. You may not vote on this poll

Invalid_Integral's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 12:08 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Benfynyn View Post
Now you ask us?
When else would you expect them to ask you? Before you had ever seen it? It was on the PTR, but I'm sure you didn't test it out there did you?

Vibby's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 12:08 PM | #12
You guys almost got it!
IMO there needs to be about one more 'layer' of awareness animation added.
This is especially noticeable when i'm playing my sage healer.

I will cast a Shield on a player, and have another player selected before my GCD is down.
I am not able to see if my Shield ability is 'up' while this is happeneing.

It slows down my reacting time in knowing when i'm able to shield/or not.

God knows the icons on the team/ops windows are NOT large enough!

TLDR: Add one more 'type' of UI change, in that you can still see your abilites cooldowns perfectly under GCD timer.
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Lostpenguins's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 12:08 PM | #13

DarthKaine's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 12:08 PM | #14
Ok Voted, but guys seriously? Two threads on this with a massive outcry at how bad it is and the best response you can give us is a poll?

I-ku-u's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 12:08 PM | #15
Since the poll is locked, and the choices don't match my opinion - here's my opinion of them:

The marked increase in brightness makes it easy to see how the cooldown for any and every quickslot is proceeding, but at the expense of being such a contrast that it makes it harder to distinguish the images in each quickslot.

This means that it's harder to tell the cooldown state of a particular desired ability, because it takes more effort to be sure I'm looking at the right one.

Thus I don't like the change.
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Psyker's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 12:09 PM | #16
The changes are bad. Really, really bad.

Coldin's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 12:09 PM | #17
I'd be fine with the cooldowns if the flashing effect was toned down a little. It's just a little too bright, and ends up being obnoxious. However, this poll doesn't really give me any good choices for my opinion.

zandadoum's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 12:10 PM | #18
bioware, stop wasting resources on TRYING to make a good UI. you'll never make everyone happy.

implement player made addons. end of story.

PyxisNautica's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 12:10 PM | #19
Aesthetics (and supposed seizures lol) aside, the new change disguises procs and cooldowns so much that you literally can't take your eyes off the UI. You shouldn't be asking us what we think of the new 'pretty lights'...the implementation is interfering with GAMEPLAY.

Montijin's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 12:10 PM | #20
Just give us an option in the preferences to switch back to one of the older UI builds (read: the first one that didn't need changing).