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Lego SW:TOR Sets

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04.22.2012 , 10:02 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by darthHayden View Post
Thats awesome, good find

So hopefully they'll be out in July or August over here in UK, just in time for my birthday
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04.22.2012 , 03:35 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Eminok View Post
Can't believe they made the FURY just for my class! Time to make legos of vette, Jaesa, Pierce, Quiinn, Broonmark, and ME!
Your the lucky one. Those are easy.

I'm a sith INQUISITOR! do you know how dang hard it is to make a KHEM VAL?!
So getting this.
Ooh! In Elder Scrolls Online, I get magic spells and colossal PvP! That sounds cool, but one question, where do I get a lightsaber?
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04.23.2012 , 03:22 AM | #23
SWEET. now we just need.

The Foundry end lvl bosses Lego Set.

The Smuggler Ship.

Companion randomized baggie sets.

And I'll be happy.

EDIT: Set 2

Satele Shan!

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04.23.2012 , 03:17 PM | #24
if they give me (and yall) a bounty hunter ship, companions and costumization packs in legos would be awesome(and of course every other class )

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05.02.2012 , 06:05 PM | #25
is anybody here

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05.02.2012 , 06:06 PM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by Anysao View Post
Your the lucky one. Those are easy.

I'm a sith INQUISITOR! do you know how dang hard it is to make a KHEM VAL?!
So getting this.
maybe using lego wampas?

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09.28.2012 , 02:00 PM | #27
I was in Target today when I saw the Lego Star Wars toys and was staring at one thinking...that looks like my Sith's Fury. When I saw the box and the "Old Republic" stamp on it I was amazed. Very, very cool.

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09.28.2012 , 11:29 PM | #28
This isn't an official Lego SWTOR set, but part of the Lego Cuusoo project (people make stuff, if enough people like it, they'll make it)

Check this out (Corellian Defender)

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10.04.2012 , 01:32 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by BenjaminminU View Post
So this morning I looked on the internet, and found this:

So we're getting two sets from The Old Republic coming out this summer and I was wondering, is anyone else planning on buying the Fury class interceptor or the other old republic set?
I'd never expected there would be LEGO fans on these forums! I'm 14 years old, but I still like buying LEGO sets. I have a giant collection of LEGO SW sets, including the 2 TOR sets. Love them! I hope they're making more of them. I've also made a Trooper Commando minifig.

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10.04.2012 , 05:11 PM | #30
Featured in the next Lego wave, early 2013:

75000 Republic Troopers vs. Sith Troopers
Minifigs: Republic Troopers (2), Sith Troopers (2)
Price: 16.99 EUR / ? USD / ? GBP
Subtheme: The Old Republic
Pieces: ?
Release: Winter 2013
So it seems that they won't be dropping the idea to make more sets. Go buy it when it releases, send the message to Lego that if they make more Old Republic sets that they would sell. xD