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[BUG] Pretty serious Warrior Tank bugs.

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[BUG] Pretty serious Warrior Tank bugs.

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12.15.2011 , 11:56 AM | #1
1) Assault and Sundering Assault our two main no cost rage generating abilities do NOT produce 2 rage a majority of the time, they produce 1. I have checked to see if it was because the 2nd strike of Assault wasn't landing, but that's not the case. This happens more then working properly.

2) 1-3 seconds Lag in target switching. The target is switched on the client, but the Taunt, Charge, Heals or other needed abilities needed on the target fall to the last target. Causing Healers to heal themselves and needed Taunts to fall on the wrong targets.

3) Sith Inquisitors targeting mobs at a distance was cauing instant engagement in combat at distances greater then 50m, causing for some seriously wrong battles, in flash points. like the pathing Droids in Hammer Station.