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QUEUES on Tomb of Freedon Nadd

richijefe's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 01:12 PM | #91
To be honest, this type of queues are a common occurence at the launch of a new popular MMO. I experienced the same in many popular MMOs in the past.

Now what really frustrates me is the fact that when you get disconnected or the game crashes, you have to stand in the queue all over again. This is not common occurence in past MMO launches, as usually when your game crashes or you get disconnected you can log back on without standing in the queue.

I have been playing since the 13th on the server Tomb of Freedom Nadd, and I am used to standing in queues of 2-3 hours at the start of my gaming day. No complaints about this.

But my game just crashed and now I find myself in queue position 2.1k when trying to log back in. This should definitely not be the case.

As in mostly all the recent popular MMOs there should be a system to skip the queue when reloggin after a crash or a disconnection.

Thanks in advance!

Averran's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 01:15 PM | #92
Hello everyone,

We know that the game queues are an important topic and in order to keep the discussion together we ask that everyone use this thread where an official statement has been made. This will help to ensure our forums are tidy and everyone can participate in this ongoing conversation. We will be closing this thread, feel free to carry on there!