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My experience with custom service

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My experience with custom service

aceavenger's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 11:51 AM | #1
So I had the CE pre-ordered through gamestop since September. I decided I wanted to play this game after playing a few months in July when I got my beta invite. Gamestop claimed they didn't have any pre-order codes since Bioware didn't give them any. I was cool with that I have been waiting a while for the game, a week isn't going to kill me.

But as I waited it bugged me I was paying $150 dollars and not getting early access. So at the beginning of December I went and cancelled my CE pre-order. Got a pre-order online from Origins, got my pre-order code and put it on my account, that was my first mistake.

Since then I have had so many things told to me between EA. Saying the product code I got with my email wasn't the product code it was the pre-order code and my product code will be emailed to me on the 20th, to the product code and the pre-order code are the same thing. To SWTOR customer service emailing me new pre-order codes and it not working, not being able to talk to someone on the phone for them hanging up. To email CS finally telling me they can't help me anymore and to just wait.

So Finally I got tired of the waiting, created a new account, and used one of the pre-order codes on the new account, the very account I'm writing you from. So today I get an email saying they fixed to problem with my account, the one I used for beta. So I go in and its fixed as far as the pre-order goes, but its kinda semi locked. I can't post anything to the forums. This has taken 3 EA CS, countless emails to and from SWTOR CS and about a week in total time.

Guess what I'm getting on about here is the fact that I was so excited, being an old SWG player, for this game to come out. I waited years, finally get beta access, cancel my WoW account and build a new machine to get ready for this, for the customer service to ruin the experience. I still haven't got half my questions answered, like when do I get my real product key or have I do I already have it. Why can't I post here on my original account. I'm not worried about early access, I'm worried about access period. The CS has been complete rubbish up till now. I hope it gets better, I'm on the fence about actually going through with paying for the game.

emidas's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 11:56 AM | #2
The difference between pre-order and product key has been stated many times on the forum and is in fact in their Launch FAQ. Nobody has a product key except those who have gotten their physical copies of the game.