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Warzone Tricks, Hints, and Tips

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Warzone Tricks, Hints, and Tips

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02.06.2012 , 05:48 PM | #11
Below are some things that many people do but perhaps some haven't thought of...

You could add stunning people in the fire/acid in huttball, Bounty hunters with grapple pulling people into the fire/acid, knockbacks into the fire/acid, etc...

Ball carriers can jump down into the pit so the entire apposing team follows them, then pass back onto the catwalk to a waiting teammate.

Sorcs/sages can pull a carrier up onto the catwalks.

Jug tanks can basically charge/intercede their way to victory (Charge enemy sorc standing on catwalk pewpewing, intercede to friendly player on the other side of the fire, profit.) Powertechs can at least do the charging part of that.

You can use the air vent as a RNG escape route since who knows where it will throw you.


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02.06.2012 , 05:52 PM | #12
The last area in Voidstar has 4 Power Ups not 3. 2 Expertise and 2 Heals. The Expertise not mentioned is very easy to see. If you take the first set of stairs leading down on the right hand side and go straight you'll run right into it almost.
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02.06.2012 , 05:58 PM | #13
In Alderaan:

If defending the Left or Right cap: a good place to hide is to sit yourself on one of the the ramps. You'll still have great visibility for any incoming players, but they won't see you till they're just about there.

In Voidstar:

When trying to extend the first set of bridges you should position yourself between the large column and the edge of the pit. It is much harder for defenders to knock you off the cap.

I'll try to post some screencaps to give an idea.
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02.07.2012 , 11:31 AM | #14
Good additions, I'll make updates soon

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02.07.2012 , 11:50 AM | #15
Updates Added

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02.07.2012 , 12:03 PM | #16
This'd be a nice post for a sticky, info on PvP is not easy to come by for new players. I think this post is worth it for mention of the side speeders alone.

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02.07.2012 , 12:06 PM | #17
In Voidstar if you are a healer you can hide inside the door, a little to the right of where the attackers plant their bomb. Melee and ranged won't be able to target you with direct attacks.

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02.07.2012 , 12:11 PM | #18
Maybe im reaching a bit here. But a lot of these strategies further validate the fact that the Shadow/ Sorc classes have far to many abilities at their disposal. A lot of these strategies cant be done by other classes.

but thank you for the very informative information
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02.07.2012 , 12:17 PM | #19
In Alderaan:

If you're a stealther, position yourself on top of a cap in stealth if possible. For Shadows/Assassins, drop down and hit the knockback. I am unsure if this will work while on top of the cap.
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02.07.2012 , 12:23 PM | #20
Voidstar: Pretty well known, but should be added for new players. If your a PT or VG you can harpoon enemies off the bridge by standing on the very edge of a corner when you do it.

Also, and my personal favorite, what I call the "to do what we must" tactic: if there is a pesky guarded healer who is carrying the entire enemy team and you absolutely have to get rid of him, but you can't get to a corner of the bridge in time, jump off the bridge, harpoon the healer, take him with you. Or, if you get knocked back, harpoon the guy as well.

*EDIT* One more: If you happen to get knocked off anything and you have a storm/force leap, if you have the enemy targeted, you can actually storm/force leap right back to them....even if your falling off the bridge in voidstar. I'm actually curious if this could be used in conjunction to the "to do what what we must" tactic, but I haven't been able to pull it off yet lol.