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Warzone Tricks, Hints, and Tips

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Warzone Tricks, Hints, and Tips

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04.14.2012 , 12:23 PM | #131
Quote: Originally Posted by Koiishi View Post
Thanks for all this tips guys I've enjoyed reading them as the 1.2 patch loads (and I sit feeling all important in a starbucks nursing a cup of coffee I probably wont drink because I hate the taste of coffee) I'm not exactly a new player (lvl 25 sent, 24 commando, 20 sage) but I do find myself having the troubles in warzones. the one thing I am wondering (if I missed it and it was answered already excuse my noobness) I have the problem of speed in the zones when targeting and killing a enemy. I use tab and the numbered quick slot keys but it still seems so slow. is there a way to speed it up?
I use the tab targeting as well, but there is also an option in preferences that you can check. It makes you auto target nearest enemy when you cast an attack, such as lightning or tracer missle or whatever.

That way if you want to attack the next target as soon as first dies just hit your attack again. Pretty sure it doesn't work on aoe type attacks or abilities though.

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04.16.2012 , 08:55 AM | #132
None of the links work...

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04.17.2012 , 12:45 PM | #133
All of you, thank you ever so much for all the tips.
I just hope i remember any of it next time I'm in a warzone

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04.17.2012 , 12:53 PM | #134
Post removed due to awesomeness