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Future Ops.

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02.06.2012 , 12:19 PM | #1
I might get flamed for this, but I will be fine. Will or do you guys think future Ops will offer a more challening experience? When BioWare released the 4 new bosses in Karagga's Palace they offered a nice twist and somewhat challenging obstacle that you had to overcome and execute perfectly. I absolutely LOVE how Karagga is designed and when you kill/attempt him on Hardmode/Nightmare mode for 16 man it's super fun times.

My only gripe is the content at hand is somewhat easy to an extent, and I would like to see more challenging fights in the future. I absolutely love this game, and all the hate towards it disgusts me because people overlook things too much, or want everything thrown at them.

BioWare I give you props for what you are offering, but I would give you a huge /brohug for more stellar and challenging content in the near future!
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