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Fix false emperor

savagedialects's Avatar

02.06.2012 , 03:43 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Flain View Post
We do False Emperor all the time without issues :/ But I'm republic maybe it's worse for Empire.
My guild runs nightmare mode ops, and 1/2 of my guildies refuse to run this place because of the bugs.

Why is your client better than mine? D:
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02.16.2012 , 08:41 PM | #12
just tried Jindo 3x. Bugged to holy hell. Ship sometimes would not move side to side. sometimes after a console worked it would fire the missles at the same person no matter where they ran in the room. some times the console didnt not cause dmg to keep the ship from increasing 100,200% etc.

how do these things break when they were working fine?

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02.17.2012 , 10:07 AM | #13
Hint on 1st mini boss:

1) pull boss away from bridge.
2 ****) If you have any range,
have them stand on top of the huge crate,
located on right (near steps) if you're looking at the boss at the beginning.

everytime you see him jump into someone,
that's your que for his whirlwind, so melee .... gtf out (including tank).

eppee's Avatar

02.17.2012 , 10:15 AM | #14
weird, unfamiliar with any of these bugs, False Emp was 2nd one we did and farm it regularly. Now Dir7 on other hand is annoying as hell, lol.
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02.29.2012 , 01:24 AM | #15
Probably mentioned elsewhere but on Malgus.. trying to position him as tank I got my positioning slightly wrong and he knocked me off just a few seconds before he got knocked off. End result I die and am outside the instance when he dies and I cannot get back into the instance - it keeps zoning but I never get in and I do not get credit for completing. Ofc the chest I need drops so the air was a little blue.

I'd like to thank whichever hair knuckled, slack jawed mouth breather who was responsible for that design decision. Top notch, another awesome bit of quality assurance in FE flashpoint.

FarseerTera's Avatar

02.29.2012 , 02:09 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by savagedialects View Post
Trandoshan Momo:

I'm tired of falling through the bridge, under the bridge, over the bridge, and any other way you could think of falling off this bridge. I don't know how you guys use bridges, but in real people world, they are for standing on. Not falling through when you get charged by this fool.

I've fallen through this bridge (yes just drop through) many times dpsing this guy only to pretty much want to cancel my sub right then and there. It's out of hand. I could program a better encounter. With no thumbs :/

Don't fight him on the bridge! I find the best and easiest way is for the tank to pull him back towards the ramp the way you enter that small area. From that ramp the tank can easily jump ontop of the crate. While ontop of the crate you are in a position to completely avoid his aoe and all thats left to do is space out your threat builders every 4 seconds because of his reset hate.

[QUOTE=savagedialects;2553777]The BH Jindo whateverhisnameis:

His ship has bugged for the, lets see...

4th week in a row! **New Record**

Fix this before I rip out the rest of my hair. It's beyond aggravating that an ops guild still can't finish this place sometimes because of this bug. The turrets are either shooting peas or the ship has some kind of jammer on it making the missiles that definitely fire from these turrets do nothing. Or you guys just did a bad job with it. Either way, it needs to be fixed. And used as a learning tool for the rest of your staff of "What NOT to do". Please. For the love of god. [/QOUTE]

Yes man this is buuuuuuuuuuggggggeeeeeddd! But it is worth mentioning that on more than one occassion this encounter has bugged in our favor.

It can happen where the ship (although animation shows it still firing rockets) does no damage. Jindo's shield goes down before the ship is taken out and stays down. This leaves you to DPS him freely and makes for a whole easier fight. From my experiences I've had this happen the same ammount of time as the invincible bug where his shield is up and the ship does not reset to turrets.
If it bugs it is easy to either Force Cloak or run back through the instance to reset the boss. you have to run a fair way but HE DOES RESET. Save you wiping.

[QUOTE=savagedialects;2553777]HK57422893577289357237509: <--- Not the same instance but still annoying bug nonetheless

It must be because I like getting stuck inside the giant metal mass that's supposed to be his healing chamber? Oh yeah and I also like wiping because we clicked the consoles too fast. Because that makes sense! Puh-leez :/ [/QOUTE]

Erm I don't know about you guys but the turrets can be completely ignored? Just concentrate on DPS'ing HK. If your DPS'ers are Medium armour they can even ignore the targetted rockets coming down!! I've never clicked any consoles....... Just tank spanked him til dead, ignoring turrets.

Quote: Originally Posted by savagedialects View Post

No matter how many knockbacks we use, sometimes this guy wont get knocked off, causing another hour worth of wipes. I don't know if it's how you wanna get your money, by making us have to spend hours at a time in here, both fighting your bugs and bad guys, but yeah. I'm supposed to be having fun. This place only brings me fun when alt f4 out of the game and not touch it for the rest of the day. No amount of story can fix buggy gameplay.
The tank should always pull him to the edge just before he enters his final phase being careful of knockback himself. But I have had it where although not "immune" as such to knockback he becomes extremely resilient to it and instead of being knockbacked say 10 metres he barely moves no matter how many we use. Another bug worth mentioning is while fighting on the stairs it is possible to fall through the stairs. The most common problem i've seen of this is using Force Leap.

When he bugs with the knockback though it is just a wipe and re run but this boss is hardly an hour worth of wipes considering his enrage timer is about 8 minutes and re-entering the area after a wipe brings you to 3 metres of the fight area.

Think maybe you're stretching the truth a little, but you are probably raging. All i can say is it's not AS BAD as you'r emaking out.

2 of the bosses can be done easier than you are now, 1 that bugs can bug in your favour and your biggest problem with malgus is the hour wipe that really only takes 2 minutes including repairs and re buffs.

Chill the f*** out! i got this sh**

MaximusRex's Avatar

02.29.2012 , 03:32 AM | #17
Jindo we've had not problems with once we sent the healer and both DPS to all run in to the middle console every time the ships comes in. It feels like it only bugs if you don't hit it with that console as soon as it enters.

Malgus feels more about timing to me, get him to 15%, wait for his pushback, then position him and burn him to 10% and use knockbacks while he is channeling.

I've never seen buggy behavior from the other encounters, but I could have just been lucky.

AdmiralOnasi's Avatar

03.02.2012 , 12:15 PM | #18
Me and my group just got killed 5 times on Jindo because the turrets do nothing to the ship. I submitted a ticket and it got closed 3 minutes later. Is this really that hard to fix?

Taleek's Avatar

03.02.2012 , 12:38 PM | #19
Treeg is really easy. I've run this one two or three times and never had a problem with getting knocked through the bridge. Just drag him off the bridge if its that much trouble. Jindo is a lot buggier, but he's not generally difficult if you are well coordinated, even on hardmode.

AislingKerrigan's Avatar

03.02.2012 , 01:05 PM | #20
Treeg: Tank him back on the platform before the bridge with your back to the wall. Avoid whirlwind. He likes to charge at random player and follow it up with his whirlwind attack.

Jindo: Put two DPS on turret duty. At the start of the fight send both to middle turret. Every time ship approaches send two players to middle turret. Interrupt Jindo's Flame Sweep.

HK: DPS him down. Pull reticle away from group if you get targeted. Ignore turrets when they spawn (you can also drag the ion reticles to them to disable their shields but it's unnecessary). In his assassination protocol he goes stealth, comes out of stealth to tap one random DPSer, then stealth again - USE AN AOE to de-stealth him this second time or he will 1-shot that player. Repeat a couple times until you finish him off. Take care of the turrets after he is down.

Malgus: Tank him on the stairs with your back to the wall and he won't even use knock back. Interrupt his Unlimited Power Attack. At 16-18% have your tank pull him to the edge of the bridge, knock him off the edge with a grenade or knockback ability. The end.

I've run HM FE probably a dozen times in the past month and we've go it down so smoothly we can finish in under 50 minutes without a single wipe.