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Heroic quest givers.

Gettorek's Avatar

02.05.2012 , 05:27 PM | #1
So first of all, I don't usually play this game in a group, so i have little chances doing any "2+" Heroic quests.
Now that you know that, you'll surely understand my frustration when I pick up a quest, get all excited about what I have to do in it and than BAM. It's heroic quest. Can't do it.

The only thing that's missing in such situations is a happy troll face with a "U mad bro?" sign.

So please. PLEASE. With some future patch can you mark these Heroic quest givers anyhow? A simple "2+" next to their mission-triangle above their head would be more than enough. It would really help!

SoloJediChris's Avatar

02.05.2012 , 11:31 PM | #2
I know what you mean I dont play in groups also and when I get a Heroic most of the time I just dont do it at all or wait to level up so I can solo it later because I never get other players to go with me, its like there are too busy or just dont do Heroics at all... but when it comes to flashpoints everyone wants to do those so theres no problem finding people there

And i agree it would help alot to give some kind of hint to let people know its a Heroic... that way i can just walk right by the mission giver lol
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