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Codex: A young knight at the academy...

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Codex: A young knight at the academy...

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02.03.2012 , 08:57 PM | #1
We fought through two battlefronts. The order trying desperately to hold the line against the sith empire. When they returned, they brought weapons against innocent worlds, destroying everything. The clone soldiers fought across ten worlds, and more, and still over a decade later, both the republic and there adversary, tired of conflict.
They crushed the academy. If they held the second in secret, I do not know. I was only a padawan at the time, there where others, drawn into different places, if it was height or depth I can not tell. The war was silenced, long after my battle was ended. i read the treaty of courcaunt, and I can not believe it.

It was us the entire time, they tell me, if it was a betrayal of the republic, or not it cost innocent lives, lives I fought to protect. I was left on my cruiser to burn as the atmosphere vented into space. Survivor of battles, commissioned for valor, and a member of the order in secret. th3e S.h.i.e.l.d. team deployed to combat the imperial threat in secret. Each member was an elite pilot, able to break down cruiser defenses with only a tactical fighter... Still that tide washed over us all.

Whatever remains of the past was like darkness and light, wrapped up in what was and what would be. countless lives thrown into the depths of space because of the republic, and the failure of the order its self. Some where consumed by anger, or desire for many things. Because we where all trained in the force, unlike our brothers. They tell me that the branches of the order survive, or that some where found by scavengers in the salvage of cruiser left to burn after the battle.

Alderan was the disaster. The shadows move there now, I have seen them myself, and lived to tell of it. whatever version of the order exists is still a mystery to me. I cought up with a few other force sensitives on nar shadaa. They said there was a price on jedi, and any one associated with them. A king's ransom to be paid for evidence of any exile who might hold the talent of lost bloodlines, the catch was no questions asked. It may be a branch of the order, though knowing that the underworld changes anyone as open to influence as jedi, it is hard to say if it is an exile, or a remnant of some other enemy. Forces turn around the veterans of the battlefronts, as bounty hunters increase there number. There is a call to many of the abandoned clones, and there teams are battle hardened. Someone is gathering an army.

The glint in the darkness is in my dreams now. It is like the shadow that I fought in the academy years ago. It haunts my dreams as then, even after I defeated there sith assassins. These wars left the order scattered, and I may be the only one left. Scarred, flecks of silver run through my hair, and before I would have thought that impossible. I trained who I could to survive after the conflicts, though by the time I had been given the materials to reforge my l8ightsaber, ten years had passed. i thought it was over, except I found that it had only begun again...

It seemed like the diplomatic systems where on alert for ages, as though that audio signal had no end to the wine that seemed to reverberate in my skull... I remember the halls, and young knights fighting sith man to man, sabers red against blue across the ship. Explosions ripped into her hull, they had fired on the command deck, by the time I reached it, all that was left was a atmospheric lock venting into space... and there was that sith stalking the halls, finishing off knights, one by one... Except for one jedi.
That battle was face to face, and his backup picked off a few of the sith with him. Finally Something exploded, and the both vanished into smoke and flame. There was nothing left, or no one left, and before the light lights went out, I learned the ship system, or someone say not to worry. I was just a soldier, I am not sure who it was... I woke up planet-side.

Alderan, seat of the council. There noble houses protected the alderan line of jedi for centuries. There influence in council was often at the heart of the reason behind senate politics. Among the great masters of the order that existed, many of the noble houses came from the line under alderran leadership, and though that was in another age, it was a bright star of hope to the past, that is all gone now. If immortal jedi existed, with the destruction of the council chambers, I am not unsure if any escaped. The gray jedi exist, was all she could tell me, to seek them out, before it was too late. To train and turn the tide against the sith, before they destroyed everyone.

There war was one sided. It was as though the black knights fought themself over the future of what would be Alderan. It was one of them who had destroyed it, closed the portal they had made in the force. I do not know if it was destroyed or lost, or if it only seemed to be. They destroyed what had once been the core of a world to open a passage in time, called it the nexus. And if there answer held, maybe it still exists...
They wanted to create a superior clone, to turn the tide of battle. They created her. They called her a battle angel. I have never seen anyone like her before. there is only that one word, Valkyrie. They are not call upon unless something has gone terribly wrong, because there existence is almost a crime in its own way. They exist only for a moment, only for a single purpose, and that is to destroy a creature of darkness that can not be destroyed any other way. They say I am crazy telling them what I saw when I was blinded by the cold. I know what I saw out there, and no one else believes me, except I saw that jedi myself, she entered the room behind the doctor, padawan in tow. She almost looked at me sadly.

I remember they spoke while I was unconscious, I was aware of them in the force, as I was weightless though I perceived them because they where different. She seemed surprised, that I knew her past, I had to try to let go of the memory of what had happened before, because she had looked exactly like the assassin, except she had called her a sister. one of them who had fallen because of passion, as I said there existence is almost a crime in its own way.

When the sith came for Alderan, they used a cloak, I had never seen before. A personal cloaking device that scattered the destiny of the soldier using it. One person divided into different forms of them-self, as though slowly pulling fragments of lives that did not exist yet together. They where there to kill the immortals. They thought they could. And if they could not, they where fully prepared to destroy the entire planet to close the rift they had guarded under there chamber for centuries. They never got that far.

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02.03.2012 , 09:00 PM | #2
During the hyperspace wars, there were many outlying independent systems that disappeared; thought whipped out in the conflict. Some held to some hope that they had survived the conflicts, but it became clear that not every system had been destroyed. It seems that despite the isolationist thought that guided some , many of the outlying independent systems took a stand, and lost.

It was in that early conflict before the republic was committed against the growing sith empire, that many of the early independent systems petitioned for help from the republic, but the nature of the threat was debated among political factions, who denied the existence of the growing threat. Any reference to the outlying hyperspace routes was either destroyed with the temple at the time, or sealed by the order its self, however rumors still remain of hyperspace routes used by Nar Shadda smugglers. For this reason it is clear that the current bounty hunters and smugglers hold secret routes from the standard hyperspace lanes in many sectors.

It is difficult to say weather these rumors indicate an existing data fragment left form the wars, or if it is the design of the underworld council, intended to spread rumor to consolidate there own power structure, but it seems that there are many interested parties in searching for the secret smuggler routes. If they do exist, it is hard to say what has been uncovered, but it is highly possible that sections of the existing tree suggest many more dangerous paths exist than most are willing to undertake.