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Destined Loot for HM and NM?? Why Not?

AitConvarion's Avatar

02.03.2012 , 05:26 PM | #1
Why is the loot distribution destined for Normal Mode and not for Hard mode and Nightmare Mode. Though I'm not in nightmare mode I talk to people that are they say its not Destined there either.

I thought Destined Loot was the Greatest Idea this game had. Then I found out its abandoned in the later modes. Not only does this make it so we wont get two Rakata Jedi Knight drops almost every boss(and we don't have a jedi Knight)and with 5 Consulars in our Hard mode group we see 1 piece of gear each a week. And at this point my Companions are geared in more Rakata than me.

For those of you that don't know what destined Loot is when doing Normal Mode Operations and you beat a boss and loot him the gear has a players name on it. What it seems to do is all players that get credit for killing the boss get a internal roll and the top 4 for 8man and the top 8 for 16man get a piece of loot. But whether that's how it done or not is our opinion. Either way the loot is distributed by the Server. Not getting stuff that people get to put on their companions.

I would just like to know why cant this be a loot mode like round robin or free for all or master loot? Anyone else agree.

I found for our guild we were all geared up quite evenly. Did anyone find this not favorable?

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02.03.2012 , 06:29 PM | #2
Make this destined loot able to be traded with a time limit, so people who have it already or better can give it to someone who actually needs it. My first EV run had several SW drops which I needed, but the people who had it already were destined for it. And the tank Lightsaber Soa dropped? My marauder got it. Useless unless you can trade them amongst group members.

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02.03.2012 , 06:35 PM | #3
When I get a ton of healing gear as a dps specced character, and someone else gets the same item for the third time in a row, something's not right.

As for making it a mode you can choose, why not? As long as it can be turned OFF in normal, too.
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02.03.2012 , 06:37 PM | #4
Destined loot is only useful for PuGs to prevent ninjas. Otherwise it is completely useless and is in fact terrible for gearing people up within a guild. When you are running newer people in your guild through normal mode Operations to gear them up and the loot is being given to the people who do NOT need it while there are people in the group who can use those items, it almost makes normal mode Operations pointless.

So no, destined loot for hard and nightmare mode Operations is an absolutely terrible idea.
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02.03.2012 , 06:52 PM | #5
Our guild has found that we never want to run normal OP runs anymore primary due to the horrid loot system. The system could be great if it was intelligent and gave loot to people that needed or could actually use it but it is not even close.

I am the Shadow tank for my guild and we always run with the same 8 people. Due to the destined loot system my Jedi companion had the full 5 piece Columi set bonus while we still have other Consulars that are missing pieces to their sets and the same can be said for our smugglers. I would have gladly passed on all of that companion loot to other guild-mates but alas the choice is not mine. We even had one smuggler that got no loot at all of any worth (they did get the odd piece of terrible energized loot) until we started clearing hard mode and proceeded to funnel almost every smuggler drop to him to catch him up. If the system worked that would never need to happen.

It may be a wonderful system for pick up groups since everyone gets an equal chance of getting something that they may or may not need. Its equally as wonderful if you don't trust the group leader not to ninja stuff but that is no way to go about playing any game. We would just prefer to have a choice on who to give something to or which loot system to use. I for one am really sick of vendoring set pieces that others need because it was destined for me and look forward to a day when we can choose not to use this system. Even /roll 100 or a /random 100 system is better than this and that is sorely missing to be able to nicely master loot items to people who tie in need.

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02.03.2012 , 07:27 PM | #6
I think the point the OP was trying to make is that the "Desitined Loot" system prevents items dropping for classes that are not in your raid group. For example, if your raid has no imperial agents in it, you will never see Imperial agents gear drops with the destined loot system. Now this could work, but making items tradeable(for a short duration) is an absolute must for this type of system to work.