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Please take this out....

Heartbeatracer's Avatar

02.03.2012 , 02:23 PM | #1
Ok so why everytime I start a pvp I end up flying around on a speeder doing figure eight after figure eight, flying around for 2 mins and then wait another 2 mins for the match to start, a bit ridiculous, I think it should just throw us to the start point and take out the endless speed ride please.

Sinku's Avatar

02.03.2012 , 03:38 PM | #2
I think they do it so you can just kind to give you a view of the battleground that you're going to be participating in. I know the 2 min. wait is just for loading purposes because there's certain people that take longer to load into a war zone than others due to Internet connectivity issues. While 2 min. does seem like quite a long time when you really think about it it's not. When I get into a war zone I usually take that time to visit the vendor who is always nearby and By Stimpacks and things like that
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