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Option to have fast HMs

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02.04.2012 , 10:27 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by MathigNihilcehk View Post
I can guess after 50 times its just older-er. Point is, if you wanted to skip the storyline and cut to the instances and w/e your playing the wrong game.

Grinding gear is about grinding the instance, not just the combat sections.
Its the players fault for not using it... SO USE IT ALREADY!
I never mentioned finding a group being the problem. I'm in a guild with enough end lvl players to form 2-3 groups on a weekend night running HMs. People DO use the /who function but its never going to work because puggers are lazy.
Why bother scrolling down a list of names and FP names looking for potential players when you can just LFM or LFG it and let them come to you?

The guild is aimed at PVE end game content. Most notably we're aiming at running 2 groups of 8 man OPs.

Currently we're gearing up everyone by (surprise surprise!) Grinding instances. It also doesn't help that the only really useful drop is at the end of each FP where a columi class gear drops.

I understand that the game is about story telling, but when you've FINISHED the story at lvl 50. Re-watching these cutscenes with the exact same dialogue feels like a complete waste of time. In reality it may only take up 3-5 mins of the whole FP run, but when your main aim for doing the FP is to get your commendations, help gear up guildies etc... These dialogue sections that make you "wait(ing) for other players" really distracts you from just wanting to burn through it.

I also think you're undermining another big portion of what an MMORPG is. It's about getting the best possible gear thats available. Based on how these games are designed, how will you get these gears? (surprise surprise again!) by grinding it out and hoping that what you need drops.

I am merely prospecting the idea of being able to choose between a normal and an abridged version if you will, of each FP run.