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Do you keep 2 sets of Gear?

AngelicFrosty's Avatar

02.02.2012 , 02:58 PM | #11
As a main spec healer I actually have 3 sets: pve healing, pve dps (for when im bored) and my pvp set
While probably add a 4th for pvp dps when I have either doubles from bags or run out of things to buy with comms

no gear in your bag doesnt lose dur when you die otherwise my dps set be ****ed up

obvious reason I have a different healin and dps set is no accuracy on the healing and I use a lot more power though some pieces do overlap since I do hsve straight crit/surge gear in the healing set

Also pve gear in pvp will get you ****ed up and while pvp gear is a good buffer for raising your gear for pve the pve equivalent is better