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Why Do I Suck At Flashpoints?

alifaraaz's Avatar

02.02.2012 , 03:50 AM | #11
I think most of the replies pretty much answer what you needed - but I'll reply anyways. I've been a tank for years in both this and WoW.

Tbh, at first it can seem a little tricky - especially when the group doesn't have much co-ordination.

As mentioned above, I would use similar pulling tacting (leap, storm, taunt, stun etc) to get aggro on hopefully atleast a couple of the mobs.

As also mentioned - use the markers, and set a killing order. That way you only need to generate a tiny amount of aggro on the other mobs - while focusing one a single target as the dps burn the enemy down one target at a time. This makes life a little easier and less hectic.

If your group has people who can Crowd Control - make full use of it Whether its an easy or hard fight, until you're comfortable taking on big groups and holding threat (while yours dps burn down whoever).

And finally - with tanking it mostly comes down to experience and research. Research your fights, in particular the bosses in each Flashpoint.
Im only lvl 30 on my BH Tank, so I've yet to do all the flashpoints yet. So before running in I open up the SWTOR Wiki for the flashpoint on my phone - so that I can quickly read the tactics before pulling the bosses. They've usually got easy mechanics so it takes like 30seconds of reading.

Keep trying, keep learning, keep practising - and if anyone calls you 'a bad tank' (or anything similar), use it as motivation to get better, and you'll definitely get there in the end

Best of Luck