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PVP Mods...

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02.01.2012 , 03:28 PM | #1
As a PVPer myself at the lower levels and at the 50 level i have heard some people comlain about gear as a fresh 50. The fact is we should have a disadvantage as a fresh 50 in PVP. Its about the grind towards said gear that is fun for some.

Im not saying its a blast to go get 2 shot for 30 straight games but there is a fix and i appologize in advance if its been mentioned prior.

Craftables! Mods, gear etc....Dont make them the same level obviously but make it available so were not cannon fodder as a fresh 50 and can at leats compete. We have all of these Crafting abilities and its an injustice to the game to not have them available for crafting. Its an easy fix, just replace a stat and throw some expertise on it and then TADA. less QQ on the forums about PVP. My main is 50 and i hate pvp because i wasnt smart enough to start grinding sooner. Yet my lower levels are a blast because every1 is on the same playing field (minus those damn sorcs and missle spammers).

PVP is a great aspect of anygame especially this 1 and i hope that BW sees the error in their ways and fixes the issues. Regardless im not gonna throw a tantrum and threaten to pull the plug on my sub like many of the lesser minded have.

Again im sorry if this has been previously mentioned, i just refuse to go thru a binch of QQ threads.