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The Foundry still bugged

malangus's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 02:12 PM | #1
Yesterday after patch 1.1.1, I went with a group to The Foundry to do the daily flashpoint quest. The run went smooth until the last match with Raven. That one never happended since cinematic played and we never got the conversation choices. A couple of times we dropped the conversation, even once went back and clean a couple of trash we left, came back again and the same. The group was made of 1 BH tank, 1 BH dps, 1 Operative (me), 1 Sith Sorc.

The fun part, is that the patch notes mention this as fixed, and ooops, where the fix go?

Did anyone else has experience this problem after Tuesday (after 1.1.1)?