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Synthweaving Issue

Xunekaath's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 06:35 AM | #1
The tier 2 Light armor reciepe's for SW seem to be missing, or just not there, it leaves a big gap in the late teens...

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Thundergulch's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 09:31 AM | #2
What is your Synthweaving skill level at currently?

Lawnknome's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 09:49 AM | #3
I am having this problem as well. my synthweaving is around 150, I am making some light armor for my friend coming into EGA.
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Tristam_Ward's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 07:29 PM | #4
not sure what you mean by tier 2 they dont split them up like that in this game