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Question about looting

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02.02.2012 , 10:35 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by iamnoobplzhelp View Post
Alright, I guess I didn't realize that not everyone knew about the operation looting system.

When you loot in an operation, there are certain items that are "destined" to players. That is, only that player can loot that item, and it goes with their class. This is how the columi gear gets dolled out. The biometric crystal alloys and schematics get rolled on. I am biochem, and already have my medpac, adrenal, and stim, so I don't care about the alloy. The only schematics that drop are "Tionese" level schematics, so I don't really care about those either.

I just wondered if I could affect the "destined" loot by leaving, or walking away early, before the boss died or people started looting.

From the responses so far, I guess no one really knows.
I dont think just leaving the zone before looting would help, we have had ppl outside of the zone while somone who wasnt supposed to looted the boss and it still assigned items to them, however I would imagine if you dropped group before the boss died you would not be on the loot table list for when he does die so if you have 2 of the same class and your fully geared and a colmi peice drops it I imagine it would auto force itself to the person who didnt drop group but I doubt anyone has tested that yet, I personally have thought about doing this on some normal mode ops bosses myself.