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Tanks/Healers. Group Composition Going In To Operations (typical MMO issue)

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Tanks/Healers. Group Composition Going In To Operations (typical MMO issue)

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02.01.2012 , 11:24 AM | #1
One thing that has *always* bugged me about MMOs, is how content is designed for one type of group composition but it doesn't transition well in to raids (or in this case operations).

I am more so curious if there is a game out there that fixes this or if this is one of those MMO things that is just a common-place "mistake" as I call it.


Leveling through Flashpoints you run 1 Tank, 2 DPS, 1 Healer.

You all got really geared and found people to group with so you want to transition to an 8man to start trying harder content. This is where the typical composition starts to fall apart.

You now need 1 Tank, 5 DPS, 2 Healers. (Increase in DPS, Decrease in Tank. You don't *need* a second true tank for this content just yet. Cases where an "OT" is needed a DPS in full tank gear works just as well -- Granted my experience is limited to MINOR nightmare play. Which I'd wager overall a good amount of guilds don't even attempt so they fall in to the above category)

This increases in disparity in the 16 man more.

No, this isn't a "We need a dual spec thread to fix this". This is a, some people ENJOY tanking or healing and due to enrage mechanics / damage requirements, they are forced to DPS.

I am the MT for my guild so I don't have this issue personally for my playstyle, but I do feel bad telling my OT to respec to DPS or even sit out so we can more efficiently clear the content (Or in some cases even clear it at all)

Just seems silly designing early content around something, then throwing it out the window as larger content is developed. (And again, this seems to be the case in every MMO I've ever played)