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Shadow head piece

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02.01.2012 , 08:44 AM | #1
Hi folks,

I had a quick and maybe silly question.

I seen a Shadow in their 40's wearing a head piece that was black and it covered their face. it looks like his entire armor set matched it. This head piece is perfect for the RP side if my Shadow. Anyone know what its called and where to get it?


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02.01.2012 , 09:35 AM | #2

Well I fell upon this. It's helpful. Wish there was low level versions (30's).

Any other thoughts are helpful.


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02.01.2012 , 10:17 AM | #3
Wearing hood of deception. I've always wondered how I breathe in the thing. Imagine meeting me in Fleet with my pet Nadia. I am wearing a brown robe with a hood that has a gold facemask. My Nadia is wearing full dancer outfit. Yeah...

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02.01.2012 , 03:19 PM | #4
Thanks - it's nice and I would like to find one in the 30's (as I'm almost 36). Ah well, I'll keep an eye out on the GTN.


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02.02.2012 , 12:43 AM | #5
As the guy who wrote the helpful post, I'm really glad it was helpful . However, I'm sorry to inform you that none of the face masks can be obtained at a lower level. I tried getting a moddable one and switching out the mods to lower ones, only to find it still restricted to level 46. Nice waste of 20,000 credits there. But keep on plugging at it and soon you'll be able to wear it AND the awesome robes too!
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02.02.2012 , 07:22 AM | #6
I'm plugging at it! I could be 50 by now if I didn't play with other classes lol

The post was very helpful and has been bookmarked!


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02.02.2012 , 11:45 AM | #7
Lowest facemask piece I have run across is one with a lvl 45 minimum that just dropped for me last night in Red Reaper flashpoint, relatively early on... 2nd boss I think, though I am not 100% sure on that part.
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