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Battle royal:

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02.01.2012 , 07:03 AM | #1
Because of the countless and highly entertaining arugments about what army would win i disided to give it a go.

For this battle you are allowed one ship and ONLY one ship of choice.

The story a powerfull comic rift has rip your ship from its location into a unknow area of space with no planets space stations etc, anywhere in dectetion range.

And please no god like finesh move's like the Q beat everyone.

Also keep in mind that this is a battle royal aka it is all vs all. no alliance no team building sure you may save someone to act as distraction but never ally or talk to them.
(Communcators dont work^^)

EDIT: all non invicebol ships are allowed.

I start:

Ship of choice:
tyranid hive ship(not sure of the name)

Tyranids ships got as far i know the abilty to mutate extreem quikly making it all but immunne to any attempt to asimilate or repicate.
There strong psychic abilty makes them highly dangerous for people with metal powers.
And to my limeted knowledge a tyranid fleet is extreem hard to bring down.

that said i know almost nothing of the tyranid fleet and this is all spaculation and i will accept any evidence that counters my arguments.
knowledge is power.
use it well.

Good players take any and all advantages they can get, actually. It's why they are good.