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02.01.2012 , 12:10 AM | #1
So recently my guild decided to try some operations. I'm not a huge PVE fan, but seeing as the PVP on this side of the galaxy is nothing but a huge grind we decided to skip the medal hunt and go slay some NPCs.
I must admit, we were kind of worried about rushing into A NIGHTMARE, but we also heard the normal modes were kind of a daystallion so we went for the 'hard' stuff.

We cleared it(tha palace+vault) pretty fast without any wiping (some bugs wiped us at Soa, but I refuse to count those tries).

This week we dared to enter them nightmares. We killed every boss first try and it took about 2 hours and 43 minutes to clear the entire palace and the vault - except Soa which we didn't kill due to bugs (11% first try, but after that the invisible orbs and the missing pieces of the floor started appearing, c?).

2hrs43min isn't even a good time (aoeing isn't really effective if the tank can't keep the trash together, nor is wiping because of spinning strikes, and definitely not doing the pylons a hundred times before they work).

So I guess the nightmare is harder than the hard mode(not really, just more hp?), yet it drops the exact same stuff (not even more stuff?), has ALOT more bugs (and that's saying something) AND takes more time (due to bugs especially).
Not to worry, at least you get a title if one of your bad dreams lasts less than 2 hours! (nope - apparently that's bugged too, though I've seen others with it).


/bugging out

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02.01.2012 , 12:21 AM | #2
Yeah we were gearing up assuming nightmare would be hard ran it just as fast as hardmode and one shotted soa in our first attempt. I hear it offers more challenge on 16man, maybe we will attempt that.

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02.01.2012 , 12:43 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by draqy View Post
i hear it offers more challenge on 16man.

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02.01.2012 , 01:01 PM | #4
Yeah i keep hearing that 16 mans are WAY harder. But I don't know.
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