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Current Emporer during SWTOR

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Current Emporer during SWTOR

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01.31.2012 , 09:19 PM | #1
Whats his name? I've done all my quests but they don't name him. I know the ball park of Sith Lords that ruled around this time but I'm not exactly sure which one it is.


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01.31.2012 , 09:20 PM | #2

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01.31.2012 , 11:35 PM | #3
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02.01.2012 , 02:31 PM | #4
The emperor's name was Tenebrae. They say he was born with eyes as black as the Void, and that he never cried, even as an infant. No animal would come near him, and when he began to speak, his voice carried a weight and power that should not come from a child. At the age of six, he began to manefest signs of Force sensitivity, marking him as one of the ruling elite. But his parents were simple farmers, and the Force was not strong in them. Knowing this, the father confronted the boy's mother, who admitted to having an affair with the Sith Lord who ruled over them, which meant he was the real father.
The not-father was so pissed off, he tried to kill his cheating wife. Tenebrae stopped him, snapping his neck with a single thought. His mother died mor slowly. The little brat made her suffer for months as punishment for cheating on her husband, torturing her with the Force as he honed his powers.
Now orphaned by his own hand, he made the others in his village worship him. Those who refused suffered the fate of his mother. Over the next few years his influence spread to nearby villages, and he amassed legions of fanatical and terrified followers. He killed thousands during his rise to power, just to feed his insatiable appetite for suffering, tortured for days so he could savor their ends.
But what about Tenebrae's real father? Well, his name was Lord Dramath. He heard rumors, but they came from a remote and insignificant territory. He had long forgotten the simple commoner who he had screwed, and considered the plight of a few small villages beneath his notice. Had that not been the case, the abomination might've been stopped. But it took four years before he finally got off his *** and went to see the kid. He went to see if the child was worthy of serving him. But the little ***** had no intention of serving anything. Only TEN YEARS OLD, he stripped Dramath of both power and sanity. Lord Dramath spent the last moments of his life crying in terror, gazing up into the black eyes of his bastard son.
It took Tenebrae three more years to gain control of the rest of the planet, which he renamed Nathema. Dramath's full son fled rather than get himself killed by his half-brother, but others sought to take his place. All fell before the dark prodigy, and with each victory he grew more powerful and more ruthless.
Finally, at 13, he presented himself to Marka Ragnos, leader of the Sith. Impressed by his power, Marka gave him the title Lord Vitiate and recognized him as the ruler of Nathema. Vitiate returned to Nathema and stayed there for a century. When Ragnos died, he did not try to claim his position, and he was not part of the Hyperspace War. When Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh fought for leadership of the Sith, he took no side. But after the Sith got their asses whupped by the Jedi, he called the survivors to his palace on Nathema, which was built on the site of his childhood home, where he'd killed his foster father and tortured his mother to death. He invited them to participate in a ritual that would unlock the power of the dark side.
In the ritual, Vitiate devoured them. He fed on their power and oblitereted them. And not just them, but all life on the planet. Every single man, woman, child, animal, plant, microbe, EVERYTHING. When all was said and done, Nathema was no longer a world; it was a husk sucked dry. This wasn't destruction: it was anhihilation, obliteration. On that day, the emperor was truly born.
The emperor had consumed everything. Life, sound, color, even the Force itself. This wasn't about death, or destruction, or conquest and domination, all the things that a Sith embraces. Everything on Nathema had been completely snuffed out, extinguished so completely that it ceased to have any meaning or purpose. Even the Force was gone. This, the greatest crime in the history of the cosmos, proves the madness of Tenebrae. He is evil beyond fathoming, second only to Abeloth in his evil and power.
He is also a psycho. The dark side is like a cancer inside him: it grows faster than he can feed it. He has consumed all of Nathema but he still hungers. And with that hunger comes an all-consuming fear. He is terrified of death. Okay, okay, so maybe we all are. But not like this. For him death is not just the end of his physical existence. It's the end of his power. He is the second most powerful being in the universe; if he dies now he will lose everthing. The thought of it all slipping from his grasp has driven him mad. Nathema was only the beginning. What he did to Nathema he will do to EVERY SINGLE OTHER WORLD until HE ALONE IS LEFT, emperor of AN EMPTY AND LIFELESS GALAXY.

Somehow, someone must find the power to kill him. If not, he will consume everything. It's that simple.
He will ruin those who deny justice.

He will strengthen himself through pain.