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Enrage, and why it's a terrible idea

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02.02.2012 , 02:47 AM | #41
Sounds like you need to go do normal mode ops and hardmode flashpoints until you guys get the gear.Then you can weed out the true blue baddies.Problem solved.

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02.02.2012 , 07:59 AM | #42
Hmm, haven't noticed there were a enrage timer at all. Interesting... (yes, I have done HM, several times.)

Either way, I think it's just a solution so you don't create a grp with 1 tank and 3 healers to roflstomp all the HM and get your free dailies etc. So no, it's not a terrible idea, I think it's brilliant.

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02.06.2012 , 07:30 PM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by XAubrey View Post
+1 for that comment.

In addition, the enrage timer forces the group to have a certain composition. You MUST have two dps, and if you're a l88t skilled player you'll do a gear check before you enter the zone (the unskilled players do not do a gear check). What is wrong with two tanks, a healer, and a dps doing a hard mode? But no, that won't work, not with one dps, due to the enrage timer.
I'm not hard against the enrage timers, they have made it fun to try and beat the fights, but I do agree with the above comment completely.

Our guild is blessed (or cursed) with an over abundance of tanks, with no dual spec system in the game and these quite strict enrage timers excess tanks and healers are worthless and are often having to be left outside in favour of DPS'ers outside the guild.

It is poor design in that most others games allow you to take longer but the trade off for being able to take longer is that the whole raid has to keep their concentration for longer.

Essentially you want to adjust the fights so that the enrage timer is more relaxed but the margin for error on the tactics is narrower, so taking longer means you have to work harder and the chances of someone making a mistake is that much higher.

Highly skilled, well geared and perfect composition raid forces are still rewarded in that they can speed kill these bosses, that in itself is an achievement (been there and done that and loved it when I was younger).
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