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The Lost Archives of a Sith Warrior

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The Lost Archives of a Sith Warrior

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02.06.2012 , 11:11 AM | #11
Very good. It was not hard to read at all. Thank you for not making it a huge block. I love the addition of Quinn.

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02.09.2012 , 02:48 AM | #12
“Without power, my life holds no meaning.”—Arianwin D’yer

Sinking into the pilot’s chair, I powered down the bright lights of the bridge with a wave of my hand. The screens in front of me dimmed until I found myself sitting in semi-darkness.

Fury maintained her course orbiting the moon below. To our left, Nar Shaddaa glowed an ethereal golden color against the backdrop of space. I closed my eyes. Even from where we were, I felt the energy of its inhabitants wailing at me. The smell of alleyways mingling with the bitter taste of pollution assaulted my senses.

It was easier to remember how much I loathed my life on that cursed piece of rock. I wrapped my hatred around me, burying myself into memories long forgotten until bits and pieces came back to me: biting a man’s hand after mine had been tied, selling beautifully-twisted shards of shrapnel to tourists, learning to wield my first blade. I went through every minute detail because I knew the emotions within these memories would be the only thing sustaining me tomorrow.

The cacophonous cries eventually receded. I opened my eyes when I felt the reassuring hum of Fury beneath me once more. Grasping the controls, I promised Fury we’d go for a quick spin.

It would just be the two of us tonight. The crew had long since retired. Despite having arrived at our destination hours ago, I’d ordered everyone to bunk onboard the ship. I needed time to prepare myself before we descended into the madness that was my birthplace.

Fury shuddered as we broke free from the gravitational pull of the moon. I could feel her straining against my hands, eager to stretch her wings.

“Easy,” I murmured.

It was Fury who first alerted me to his presence. Her steady hum lowered in pitch just before he stepped onto the bridge.

“Captain,” I greeted. The sound of his footsteps abruptly stopped when he heard my voice. I pictured him turning his head side to side trying to zero in on my location in the darkness. “You’re up late tonight.”

“I hope you don’t find my appearance here intrusive.” Quinn paused. “I was in my quarters when I felt the ship steer off course.”

“Did you?” I smiled down at the control in my hands. “I’ll have to take the blame for that one, Captain.”

“You’re flying blind?”

“Fury tells me what to do.” A lingering warmth enveloped me when he drew closer. Part of me wanted to continue what I’d started on Balmorra but Fury had lulled me into an odd frame of mind. Tomorrow suddenly seemed so far away.

A comfortable silence filled the air. Quinn stood beside me, hands clasped behind his back. His eyes scanned the darkened console. “She’s a beautiful ship.”

I felt Fury hum with approval. Strangely enough, I sensed Quinn felt it too. “I’ve been told you never forget your first one.”

“And if I have anything to do about it, you’ll never have to.” Quinn motioned towards the co-pilot’s chair. He waited for my permission before he slid in. “She’s been responding extremely well to my optimizations. I’m pleased to report that we’re operating at peak efficiency.”

I let him take over Fury’s controls while I half-listened to him rattle off a list of adjustments he’d already made to her system. I immediately felt the difference in the way she flew. Her restless movements eased as his hands moved over her. Her usual hum transformed into a low-throated whisper.

I remembered the way he knelt at my feet back on Balmorra. His eyes shone with zeal. His words, low and urgent, were filled with such fervor that I’d been lost for words.

“I cannot think of a more glorious and honorable way to make a difference in the galaxy than to serve you,” he’d said. “If given the chance, I know I will prove myself to you. I offer my military prowess and dedicate every ounce of my strength to your cause. I am ready and willing to serve.”

When I looked at him kneeling before me, something shifted inside. For the first time, I touched upon a state of being that nearly silenced the constant blood-curdling screams that plagued my existence. It lasted for the briefest of moments but it was enough to fill me with fear. Without hatred, I had no purpose. Without power, my life held no meaning.

But I learned long ago that fear led to power if I was only strong enough to endure its pain. Resting my chin on the palm of my hand, I watched him in silence. I needed to figure out this hold he had over me before it was too late. This connection between us could either propel me to greatness or tear my whole world asunder.

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02.15.2012 , 04:45 AM | #13
“Yield to the power of the Force.”—Arianwin D’yer

Lord Rathari’s men attacked.

Adrenaline flooded through my veins. In the blink of an eye, I read the way they moved: the slight tilt of their heads, the way they grasped their weapons, the subtle shift of their shoulders. My eyes met Quinn’s. He nodded once, telling me he understood. Gripping his blaster pistol, he aimed for the nearest soldier and fired.

I followed through with his attack, smashing the pommel of my lightsaber into the soldier’s skull. Bone crunched and splintered. He dropped to the ground, limbs still twitching.

Three more approached. I charged into their midst, deflecting their attacks with ease. A soldier lunged at me but I evaded his grasp. I danced through the air, ripping through skin and bone. The smell of burning flesh filled the air.

Quinn shouted a warning. I spun around in the nick of time to block Rathari’s downward blow. His lightsaber slammed against mine, and for a moment, we remained locked at an impasse. But my arm began to weaken. The strength of his Force overwhelmed me. I gritted my teeth, refusing to surrender.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Quinn struggle against Rathari’s agent. Dellocon had him in a headlock, choking him from behind. No matter how hard Quinn fought, the agent grimly held on.

Dellocon reached for his knife.

A calculated look flashed across Quinn’s face. He shook out his arm, revealing one last canister of carbonized spray strapped to his wrist. He twisted around, about to turn the tables on Dellocon, when he saw my precarious situation. Without hesitation, he aimed the spray at Rathari, leaving his own throat exposed to Dellocon’s rapidly descending knife.

Panic slammed into my gut. I pushed away from Rathari’s frozen form and soared through the air. My hands buried themselves deep into Dellocon’s side. The agent opened his mouth to scream but I denied him the pleasure. With a simple shrug of my shoulders, I sealed his mouth shut.

Seeing the dark bruises around my Captain’s throat set flame to a deep and horrible anger inside me. Color leeched from my vision. Darkness surrounded me. I could feel Dellocon’s life begin to fade but death was too good for him.

I chose instead to keep his consciousness intact as I slowly tore him in two. When his body finally grew limp, I tossed him aside.

I spun around to face the slowly thawing Rathari. Quinn took his position behind me. With his blaster ready at hand, he assured me with a grim smile that he’d personally see to it that there would be no escape for anyone who opposed me.

Readying my lightsaber, I counted down the seconds until the frozen shell encasing Rathari began to disintegrate. Blistering hatred crackled the air around me.

Rathari broke free with a roar. He rushed at me with hate in his eyes but I knew mine was greater now. Every parry, every lunge, every attack burned him. He was fast but I moved faster. My blows rained down on him like lightning.

He flinched, and I took advantage of the sudden opening. Reaching out with my hand, I wrapped tendrils of energy around his throat. I closed my fist and crushed his windpipe.

Quinn walked up beside me, holstering his pistol. He rubbed a hand over his throat and winced. “I must confess I didn’t think we’d escape from Rathari’s trap unscathed.”

“Yet you fought with me anyway.” I glanced over at Quinn, taking in his disheveled hair and torn jacket. I briefly wondered what my Captain would do if I offered to tear the rest of his uniform off…with my teeth.

Quinn seemed surprised I would question his dedication. “I pledged to serve you. If that means sacrificing my life to further the goals of the Empire, I will gladly give it.”

“You’re more useful to me alive then dead, Captain.”

Quinn bowed. “I will remember that, My Lord.”

I knew without a doubt that if given the choice again, he’d risked his life to save mine. Courage and conviction were all too rare these days, and my Captain had both in abundance. He would be a valuable asset in the coming war.

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02.15.2012 , 12:57 PM | #14
Oh my goddess. I do believe you're my new favorite person in the whole wide world.

Mooore, please? *puppydog eyes*

Time to go a-killing!

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02.15.2012 , 01:17 PM | #15
Heh. Cocopants. You'll like the next several chapters. There's a lot of Quinn in 'em.

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02.15.2012 , 08:22 PM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by Arianwin View Post
Heh. Cocopants. You'll like the next several chapters. There's a lot of Quinn in 'em.

I love, love, LOVE Quinn.

Could you notice?
Time to go a-killing!

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02.16.2012 , 02:40 PM | #17
LOL. Just a little bit. But you'll have to fight me for him. Grrr!

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02.16.2012 , 07:53 PM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by Arianwin View Post
LOL. Just a little bit. But you'll have to fight me for him. Grrr!
Bring it on.
Time to go a-killing!

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02.16.2012 , 08:09 PM | #19
"Peace is a lie."—Arianwin D'yer

In his lifeless eyes, I saw forgiveness.

Master Yonlach’s broken body lay before me. I’d done my best to break his will but the serene look on his face told me I’d failed.

I fell headfirst into a throbbing well of hatred. Before I killed him, he’d promised peace to replace the terrible rage inside me. He’d offered the gift of an empty existence free from torment, and for a moment, his Jedi mind trick stole the fire that burned inside me. I became no one. My husk of a body worthless, my will a sham, despite the power that coursed through these limbs.

Anguish welled up inside me. Pain, once so familiar, ripped me apart from the inside out as if my soul wore a shroud of a thousand needles. I clawed at his stiffening body, desperately looking for answers only he could give.

I stared into his unblinking gaze and imagined it was Nomen Karr’s padwan staring back. Did she breathe his last breath and feel a part of herself die when I ripped out his heart? Whatever he stole from me, I vowed to take from her. I would rip the peace out of her soul and tear out the forgiveness in her eyes.

A sharp pain in my shoulder brought me back to the here and now. Yonlach was dead. Alderaan was next. My plan to lull Baras into a false sense of security was well underway. Yonlach’s lies meant nothing to me anymore.

Clutching my injured arm to my side, I stumbled to my feet. A sense of urgency gripped me when I saw Quinn’s unconscious form. There were no obvious physical injuries. Whatever the Jedi had done, he’d done it to Quinn’s mind.

I bent over Quinn, blanketing him with my energy. The pain came hard and fast but I clamped my lips together, refusing to scream. The bones in my arm realigned themselves. Muscle and sinew stitched back together.

My awareness inspected every part of his body, looking for traces of Jedi filth. My leg burned when I absorbed an ugly gash on Quinn’s thigh. My own rib cracked when I cemented his back together.

In the recesses of Quinn’s mind, I caught a whiff of an unfamiliar stench. I followed its trail until I bumped up against a dark presence. It oozed with animosity, leaving no doubt in my mind that this was Yonlach’s work. I tentatively pushed against it.

Intense pain plunged its fingers into me. I screamed and threw myself back into my own body. Shivering, I wrapped my arms around my torso and grimly stared at Quinn. Yonlach might be dead but the monster he’d left behind remained alive.

The battle lines were drawn. The prize lay before me. Blind hatred suffused my being at the thought of admitting defeat. Despite the alarm bells clamoring in my head, I leaned forward once again.

I ripped open Quinn’s shirt and placed my hand on his chest. The feeling of his heart beating against my palm was like a balm to my fear. I could do anything, be anything, as long as I had Quinn by my side.

With a shout, I surged back into his mind. Pain ripped through me, shredding me into unrecognizable chunks of agony. I tore into Yonlach’s minion but my hands burned each time I struck it.

The skin along my arms blistered. My fingernails cracked and peeled but I refused to stop. The thought of leaving Quinn alone in this eternal sea of darkness drove me crazy so I gave myself over to the pain. With one last cry, I tore myself into a hundred different pieces because it was easier than letting him go.

The monster disappeared.

Quinn jerked awake. He sat up abruptly, grasping for breath. It took a few moments before he remembered where he was. He looked at me, and his eyes softened to a pale blue. I saw gratitude and embarrassment flit across them.

He gently touched my bloodied hands. “My Lord, I’m sorry I was of no use to you. I did not anticipate the Jedi’s incapacitating attack.”

With alarm, I realized my touch had burned an image of my handprint onto his chest. The mark puckered and smoked when I pulled away.

Quinn didn’t flinch. He pulled out a small vial of green-colored ointment from the med kit strapped to his belt. Reaching for my hands, he began to apply the cooling salve over my wounds.

“I’m fine,” I protested. “You need to heal yourself.”

He cleared his throat. “Allow me to perform my duty. I’m just thankful my support proved to be unnecessary.”

Thanks to the salve, my wounds rapidly healed but he showed no signs of stopping, his thumbs rubbing my hands in large lazy circles. I shifted uneasily but I kept my mouth shut. It felt…good.

The universe receded until there was only him and the feeling of his hands on mine. A curious stillness seeped into my soul.

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02.16.2012 , 09:33 PM | #20

It's just getting better and better here. ;D
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