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The Lost Archives of a Sith Warrior

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The Lost Archives of a Sith Warrior

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01.31.2012 , 02:05 PM | #1
Synopsis: In a series of short archives, a Sith Warrior reflects on how her choice between ambition and love changed the fate of the galaxy. Heavy on romance for you Malavai Quinn fans. 1st person POV. Also posted over at if that's a little easier to follow. Story is officially COMPLETE. Please let me know what you think if you manage to make it all the way to the end. *And YES, there are SPOILERS though I ended up tweaking a few things to the actual SW storyline.*


"I do not deal in death; I deal in life." —Arianwin D'yer

My grip tightens around your throat. My fingers rip through flesh even as violent convulsions rack through your body. Mouth agape. Eyes bulging. My heart pounds with yours, and I inhale the acrid scent of desperation whooshing outward as you scream. The scent of rage and fear suffuses the air around us. It fills me.

There is an energy all around us pulsing in time to those who are strong with the Force. Surrendering to this darkness allows us to transcend the boundaries that limit ordinary men. We see not with our eyes; we move not with our bodies. We are pure energy rippling across the galaxy in consummate ecstasy.

On the night I murdered my mother, this energy surged through my veins for the very first time. I was old enough to recognize her failings as a parent but still naive enough to believe I could secure my standing in the world by entering into an ill-fated contract with black-market dealers: my mother's liver in exchange for a week's supply of food.

In an alley on Nar Shaddaa, her hands batted against mine in a futile attempt to break free from my grasp. She'd merely been an easy means to an end. The kill nothing but a simple business transaction to help fill my aching belly. The plan was simple: kill, dissect, profit.

But memories of how she used and abused me filled me with sudden rage. I bounded her, gagged her, then sliced her from chest to groin. I watched my mother's heart, laid bare inside her chest, stubbornly cling to life.

The jarring juxtaposition of life and death struck me, and in that moment, a boundless exaltation seized me. Electricity licked my skin. A surge of heat shot through me. My awareness expanded a hundredfold, and I felt the life and breath of every living thing around me, including the feverish delirium that was my mother's rapidly fading consciousness.

I died with my mother that day. Drowned with her as a black void overcame us both. When I awoke, only darkness remained, and its presence continues to guide me even long after I left for Korriban to follow the ways of the Sith.

One day, I may grant you the gift of life through death. Embrace it. Accept it. In your final moments, as you take in your last breath, you will finally know what it means to be alive.

You will finally know what it means to be Sith.

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01.31.2012 , 02:08 PM | #2
"As your right hand, I shall strike fear into the Empire's enemies." —Arianwin D'yer

"This is only the beginning." Darth Baras' undulating voice washed over me. "As my apprentice, the galaxy will bend before you."

I clasped his hand and knelt to receive his blessing. Master, oh master! The obvious pleasure he felt in choosing me to be his right hand thrilled me to no end. I shivered as his fingers stroked my hair. Sparks crackled against my flesh, and I shuddered at the thought of such immense power joining with mine.

His fingers slid down my jaw, wordlessly demanding that I surrender to him. His hand dipped lower until they traced the hollowed contours of my collarbone. I wept with happiness knowing that his touch branded me as his.

Without warning, his energy slammed into mine, overwhelming me with the power of his Force. Something snapped deep inside me, and white-hot pain seared through my side. I welcomed the pain because I knew it pleased him. My body was his to break, my life his to command.

I met his gaze even as my vision grew cloudy. Rage. Passion. Hatred. Ecstasy. Every emotion known to man danced across my consciousness. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. My energy bled into his, filling both our bodies with pure unadulterated ferocity.

Then…nothing. Darth Baras broke away from me, severing our link. Nudging me back onto my feet, he chuckled. "Bravo, Apprentice. I see you may indeed become one of the strongest Sith in the galaxy."

Baras dismissed me with a wave of his hand. I stumbled out of his chambers, knowing without a doubt that the imprint of his vile touch would always mark me as his. The subtle hum of his presence inside my mind would haunt me forever.

It was a small sacrifice, I reminded myself, in the greater scheme of things.

My lips curled upward. Master, oh master! Your inevitable destruction will be the catalyst that will forever change the fate of this world.

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01.31.2012 , 02:10 PM | #3
"It's time for a blood bath." —Arianwin D'yer

The palms of my hands pressed against the smooth surface of the control panel in front of me. I could feel the hum of the ship shift subtly as she shook herself free from her autopilot settings.

Leaning forward, I felt the ship respond to my movements as if her wings and hull were but a simple extension of my body. I marveled at her power. Fury was built with remarkable precision, every nut and bolt painstakingly designed to maximize her agility, range of firepower, and speed.

I still remember the first time I boarded her. Oh! How my heart pounded as my hands skimmed over every surface of her interior, memorizing her form until I knew her body as well as my own. Her curves were a magnificent display of grace and beauty merged with strength and power.

Even now, as we soared through the vast emptiness of space together, her energy tickled the tip of my nose as it so often did, and the angry vibrations that continually hummed in the back of my head softened to a dull roar.

For a moment, I forgot who I was. My awareness left my body behind and flowed into her graceful metallic form. We dipped our wings, dancing among the stars, enjoying this fleeting moment of freedom we so seldom get to experience.

"Incoming transmission from the Imperial Holonet," TV-R8 interrupted. The metallic twang of its voice grated on my nerves.

I pinched the bridge of my nose as the throbbing ache in my head came rushing back in full force. The thrill of power reasserted itself deep inside me. Awareness flowed back into my veins. My ears popped and my hearing cleared as if I had resurfaced from deep underwater.

I was careful to mask the expression of contempt on my face before I waved for TV-R8 to open our communications channel. The Empire waited for no one, least of all for me.

A hologram of Captain Corsav flickered before me. "A nearby transport carrying Imperial military supplies has been intercepted by a fleet of Republic fighters."

"Send me the coordinates," I ordered. The details of this skirmish meant little to me. In my mind, there was only victory, everything else was irrelevant.

TV-R8 handled the rest of the conversation and uploaded the coordinates to the astrogation console. As we approached our destination, my droid hailed our allies.

Without warning, Republic fighters appeared out of nowhere. Bright lights flashed. Chaos erupted.

"Shields up," I shouted. "Let's show those Republic scum what a Sith can do."

Fury eagerly strained against my hands as I veered her sharply to the left. A well-timed missile launch scattered the Republic's attack formation. Two fighters crashed into one another.

An alarm blared from inside the ship, and I braced myself for the hard hit from behind. Fury bucked as I pulled her nose up hard. She soared fast and furious over the attacking fighter in one smooth motion. As soon as I saw our target in front of us, she righted herself.

I squeezed the trigger.

We blew past the remains only to discover a pair of fighters had locked onto the transport just up ahead. With no time to spare, I urged Fury onward even as I sprayed a continuous stream of blaster fire over everything that moved.

Death and destruction rained down on the Republic forces. The bloated body of a Republic officer bounced off Fury's hull with a loud thud. I could feel the vibrational patterns of the galaxy violently recoil against one another as we took the lives of hundreds of soldiers in the span of minutes.

I laughed. Fury purred beneath me.

The fight was over as quickly as it began. The transport reached its destination safely, and we soared away before they could send their thanks.

Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.

Reciting the Sith code so soon after battle fed my blood lust. It felt good, and my fingers stroked the control panel in time to the ancient mantra.

Closing my eyes, I sank back into Fury's waiting embrace.

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02.05.2012 , 06:33 AM | #4
not bad. i hope you'll continue. maybe with some quinn?

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02.05.2012 , 03:11 PM | #5
Next chapter. I promise.

Heh. I just read your profile signature. THAT HAD BETTER BE AN ACTUAL QUOTE from Quinn because I swooned so bad. Haven't finished the game yet...

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02.05.2012 , 04:42 PM | #6
“You reek of fear.”—Arianwin D’yer

The first time I met Lieutenant Malavai Quinn, I loathed him.

His no-nonsense demeanor and impeccably pressed uniform told me everything I needed to know. He was like all the others. Bureaucratic. Spineless. The kind of man who fought in the name of the Empire but left the dirty work for others.

I leaned against the doorway of his command center. My eyes flickered over him, taking in the way he moved. His posture ramrod straight. His chin held high. The deep timbre of his voice never wavered even as he reprimanded one of his soldiers. My lips curled in disgust when I noticed the immaculate shine of his military-issued boots.

The unmistakable hint of approval in my master’s voice when he spoke of Quinn confounded me. With no political influence to speak of, Quinn was useless to our plans, and yet somehow he managed to worm his way into Baras’ good graces. I vowed to myself I would determine why. If Baras considered Quinn one of his allies, I dared not overlook this opportunity to turn one of his trusted advisors against him.

“If that’s your best, you’re useless to me.” Quinn frowned at the cowering soldier in front of him. “I could shoot you dead with a clear conscience. Is that what you want?”

When the soldier began to snivel, a look of disgust briefly crossed Quinn’s face. He brusquely dismissed the soldier with a wave of his hand.

The soldier accidentally brushed by me in his haste to leave. I read the tension in his bowed shoulders and noted the man’s pale complexion. Despite my initial impression, I reluctantly admitted that, at the very least, the Lieutenant must wield enough influence to inspire fear among his subordinates.

But was it enough?

I stepped into the room. Quinn turned his attention to me, all traces of frustration wiped from his face. He bowed low.

I paused when I saw the hardness in his eyes. They shone at me with such intensity that my fingers instinctively gripped the hilt of my lightsaber in case he was fool enough to attack. When he merely waited for me to acknowledge him, I forced myself to relax.

“Lieutenant Malavai Quinn,” he introduced himself. “I am to be your liaison on Balmorra.”

The way his eyes met mine irritated me. Despite being in the presence of a Sith, the man was entirely too self-possessed. He radiated uncompromising strength in the face of my growing anger. If he dared to consider himself my equal, he would soon learn the painful truth.

“You say liaison,” I corrected him, my voice dripping with malice, “I say servant.”

Quinn hesitated. His expression remained bland, and yet his gaze never wavered. “Yes, I am in your charge…for as long as you are on this planet.”

The unmistakable truth inherent in his words left a sour taste in my mouth. He would be suitably obedient for as long as I was on his planet but I had no real power over him. Quinn was my master’s eyes and ears on Balmorra. He knew it. He knew I knew it. Baras had ways of making his displeasure felt, and I couldn’t afford to incur his wrath…yet.

But soon, I vowed to myself, I would see the vibrant blue of those eyes dulled to a lifeless gray. I struggled not to laugh at the thought of the Lieutenant licking the bottom of my boot in an attempt to appease my wrath.

When I didn’t immediately respond, Quinn continued, “I am to acquaint you with the climate here on Balmorra.”

Seemingly oblivious to my animosity, he began to brief me on the planet’s history. As he talked, his hands punctuated the air in concise movements. The heavy material of his military jacket stretched across his broad shoulders, hugging his masculine form like a second skin. I noted the faint shadow of stubble along his chiseled jaw and suddenly felt the urge to trace the contours of his face with my hands.

The emotion confused me.

My whore of a mother had taught me at an early age that sex was a commodity best sold to the highest bidder. A man’s passion was her leverage over weak-minded fools who saw my body as the key to unlock salvation for a mere handful of credits.

Even back then, I instinctively knew there was no such thing as eternal salvation. Peace was a lie. There was only the sinful pleasures felt by the strong pressing into the weak. But eventually, I learned that their power to dominate over and in and over again led the way to my eventual victory over fear. Once I learned to embrace the very emotions that controlled their baser instincts, I tasted the sweetness of freedom.

But this ache I suddenly felt in the pit of my stomach left me vulnerable, and I loathed him for it.

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02.06.2012 , 02:03 AM | #7
it is!! ;P

oooh, great update. can't wait to see more quinn..squee. there should be more quinn stories all over the world. *nodnod*
Time to go a-killing!

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02.06.2012 , 02:15 AM | #8
“I will bring you to your knees.”—Arianwin D’yer

I danced for him.

My body twisted to one side. Momentum propelled me high into the air. As I flung both arms outward, I heard the hum of my lightsabers slice through bone and flesh with ease. Blood splattered the metallic walls of the factory in large swaths of vibrant red.

I knew Quinn was tracking my every move from his command center. Something inside me thrilled at the thought of him watching me perform this intimate dance between hunter and hunted.

Each time I struck one of our enemies down, I imagined the hardness in Quinn’s eyes giving way to excitement. I moved faster, swung harder, leaped higher.

Man and machine melted away in the face of my battle lust, and I danced to the screams of the resistance force dying all around me. The rhythm of their faltering heartbeats guided my steps. Blood rained down on me like a summer’s storm—hot, wild, and free. My back arched. I clenched my thighs. Spasms of pleasure rocked through my center. I licked my lips, enjoying the taste of death against my skin.

The pit of my stomach quivered as an image of Quinn flashed across my mind. I remembered how his body had responded to my presence earlier today. When I described my victory at the Republic crater outpost, I was fascinated by the way his eyes seemed to darken. His nostrils had flared at the scent of blood and smoke clinging to my hair.

“It is my dream to see our enemy vanquished,” he’d confessed right before I left for the arms factory. “I’m excited by the prospect of you laying waste to the place.”

My world had righted itself when I heard the tremor in his voice. The Lieutenant was just a man, and like every other man in the galaxy, he could be manipulated for pleasure’s sake. I suddenly saw him in a new light, and pure lust shot straight through me. I had stepped closer to him, breathing him in like a predator scenting her prey. “So I excite you, do I?”

As I continued to storm my way through the arms factory, I remembered how Quinn had hastily retreated when he realized I’d marked him as mine with nothing more than words.

My laughter rang out through the building in harmony to the screams of the dying. I would enjoy teaching him the ways of the Sith.

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02.06.2012 , 06:11 AM | #9
I like it. The protagonist is a female Sith Warrior, yes?
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02.06.2012 , 08:47 AM | #10
Correct! Arianwin D'yer is a female Sith Warrior. Duel-wielding Marauder to be exact.