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Eternity Vault - Bugs, Bugs, and more Bugs

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01.31.2012 , 10:27 AM | #1
I was happy to read the patch notes and see that you have fixed the random deaths that occurred from the lava in Gharj's room.

I still can't fathom how both the Pylons and SOA didn't get attention as they are very widespread and we have already have some people RAGE quit the operation, guild and for one the game entirely.

For SOA if we do not kill him on the first attempt very often parts of the floor will not reset. Sometimes the entire half of his first and/or second floor will fail to spawn. I know this is not limited to our server or guild as I have read many posts looking for a solution to this issue.

The Pylon Puzzles had one of our guild members RAGE quit the entire game last night. We were trying to finish getting to SOA on Hard Mode before the weekly reset. After clearing the, thankfully small amount, of trash we proceed to find the puzzle solution. After entering each one we came to the end to find that one sides clickable console would not turn the pylon. We were able to click it but nothing happened besides spawning more mobs.

After leaving the Operation and zoning back in we went to attempt it again only to find out that the consoles now were totally un-clickable. I checked over the patch notes and it says this issue was fixed in 1.1.0

Now I have read of different guilds on different servers solving a particular pylon first and that seems to work, but the accounts of what that order is changes from server to server. Most threads that people have started about this issue have replies that range from "You're doing it wrong" to "Obviously you don't know how to solve the puzzle, learn to play better noob".

Ok if the puzzle itself is woking as intended as far as how the pylons must be solved that's fine but I would love for a DEV to state as much. I don't expect for them to give out solutions to it just that it's working as intended I guess.

But that still doesn't explain why

a. It's still not reseting correctly
b. The Pylons fail to move when clicked

I won't even get into the bugs in Karragas Palace in this post but I feel that we have a lot of frustrated players who love this game and put many many hours into it just to be ignored by the in-game help and ignored almost as much on the forums.

P.S. It shouldn't take over a week for someone to respond to a ticket with a simple "We are looking into this issue thank you for your patience." I understand you get thousand upon thousand of bug reports and tickets in general every day if not hour but if it takes that long to respond with what is essentially an automated response then I suggest you need to hire more in-game help.

I have read many posts on this issue

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01.31.2012 , 01:13 PM | #2
The pylon boss is bugged to hell and back, our group had as many as 8 heroic insect mobs at once spawn on top of us on both sides.

Pretty frustrating as we were trying to do a normal mode run for our new 50's and had to quit after a few bugged attempts.

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01.31.2012 , 02:49 PM | #3
The Pylons on Hard Mode (8 Man) is working as intended AFAIK.

Our guild ran into the exact same problem you describe and were incredibly frustrated until we found the solution.

You need to solve as normal, which isn't the issue, but the ORDER in which each side is solved is now also key.

North - South - South - North.

North pillar needs to solve theiy first column first. South can be clicking to solve, but MUST WAIT until North solves before they final click their column to solve.

South then needs to be the first to solve the 2nd and 3rd phases of the puzzle.

Finally, North must be first to solve the final phase of the puzzle.

Good luck to you. Let me know if you have additional problems. The above definitely works. We've troubleshot it a few times now and it always works when you solve it N-S-S-N.


(On a side note, the 16 Man EV run on Normal is still in fact bugged. Rakata do WAAAAY too much damage even to well geared groups and they spawn continuously and way too fast.)
Thank god I'm an Arsenal DPS and not a Bodyguard healer. Patch 1.2 is going to make them worthless.