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gunslinger and sniper class fail..

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gunslinger and sniper class fail..

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01.31.2012 , 10:40 AM | #21
It depends on the warzone. Some situational WZ you can do pretty good , because you can entrench yourself, protect a bit, be non interruptible, and rain fire on your foe. That said I only play 10-49 WZ, I dunno for 50 WZ.

At very low level, I also liked making a saboteur more , because whereas I did not do much damage, but was mobile and a pest in void star and alderan, spamming bombs .

That said, i have much much more fun PVPing in WZ with a mobile class (everybody else).
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01.31.2012 , 10:40 AM | #22
50. Dirty Fighter Gunslinger here.

I'm pretty sure there's a "my class is broken" topic on every class. But seriously, we get off pretty well. I can generally top the damage and kills of the PvP charts and have consistent one-on-one victories with pretty much every class. More importantly, in group situations, I can do further damage, quite frankly because a lot of people dismiss blaster fire as non-threatening---that is compared to visually overwhelming lightning, waving lightsabers, and GIANT FLYING DEBRIS.

1. Yes, as a DF/Lethality, a healer's cleanse spell somewhat dilutes your effectiveness. That's why: a) you have teammates b) you can EASILY kill the healer with burst damage c) You have 3 whole interrupts/stuns at your disposal.....and finally d) you use your DoTs tax the healer's attention and resources. Tagging all enemy players you see with even 1 DoT = hilarity ensues.

2. As a DF/Lethality, you can kite like no other. Again, you have 2 stuns + 1 snare at your disposal---not to mention slow effects of DF/Lethality

3. Your AoE output + cybertech grenades are amazing. Whether it's a variation of XS Freighter Flyby, a gas/shrap grenade, thermal detonator, and all manner of high damage AoE, you rock this.

Does it help that I'm decked out in all endgame gear? Probably. Does it help that everyone dismisses sniper/slinger as no threat? Also probably true. Hmmm, perhaps we should keep it that way for our benefit...

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01.31.2012 , 10:46 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by wickedtrident View Post
Does it help that I'm decked out in all endgame gear? Probably. ...
Not probably. Immensly.

When I fire 1 snipe at a target I can tell you if it is a low med or high expertise geared person.

Too bad that many people think snipers are fine just because of their gear advantage
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01.31.2012 , 10:54 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Desgarden View Post
Not probably. Immensly.

When I fire 1 snipe at a target I can tell you if it is a low med or high expertise geared person.

Too bad that many people think snipers are fine just because of their gear advantage

The thing is I'm not even packing PvP Champ gear (save for an earpiece). Just PvE Columi--aka I have only a tiny expertise boost on me. With that I can still bleed out a Jugg or Powertech in their PvP gear or watch and laugh as my sludge grenade reduces 6 of the 8 enemy players' speed by 70% on voidstar.

Full Champion or Battlemaster Sentinel/Marauders on my server though...their whole 500k damage average per match is indeed intense.

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01.31.2012 , 11:19 AM | #25
50 Sniper Here. Some of you may know me if you play on Mind Trick.
Skate - Dominion.

Im not a bad sniper. Im not a great one either. I do, however more often than not, gain the most seals and do the highest overall damage.

The sniper class feels like its missing something. I just cant figure out what.

Most of the time, when Im playing in Huttball, I get picked on. Players go out of their way to tag team with with stuns, knock backs, anything and everything they can do. It seems people view snipers as a free kill and its true in a lot situations. We have no real escape mechanics.

Lets look at other classes. Jumping to allies, stealth, Humanoid CC. AOE stuns, Knockdowns.

What do snipers have to get away? Depending on Spec, you have an AOE slow (lol), an aoe mini CC (Which an ally breaks, and if youre Leth, dont try it), and lastly we have leg shot.

Okay, so, in maps like Huttball, if we play smart, we can sometimes get away. SOMETIMES.

Lets break this down some more. Not only are we required to be immobile, our hardest hitting attacks can be mitigated easily. Thus, we are REQUIRED to hit a base attack acc of over 100%, and still it gets deflected or dodged a lot.

Now, lets take a look at mobile classes, like the Merc/Com, not only they can hit as hard as a sniper without having to be immobile the whole time and on a faster cast time, they can HEAL as well. Oh, did I mention they have 50% Armor pen and wear heavy armor? Did I also mention that its Kinetic damage, which for snipers means we lose in a range war?

Snipers do have one saving grace. Entrench. If we choose to burn a target down, by all means, we WILL SIT THERE AND DO IT. But sadly entrench isnt even fool proof. We will just get line of sight'd by a small object merely jutting out of the floor.

Ive had players walk up to me a sniper, blow every single cool down, hit me for 7k (as a tank), then proceede to /dance in front of me because I cannot hit them for beans.

So.. after all this, what do we need? Snipers need a battery of tweaks to become more viable. Im not saying we need all of these...

- Stealth, why not? Its our job to sneak about the battle field and get set up to snipe.
- Ambush, make ambush to it cannot be dodged or deflected by any means. Allow it be absorbed by shield still.
- Give us an actual CC vs humanoids.

Really, I dont know. Im just tired of of being beaten on kills and damage by a pyrotech tank.

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01.31.2012 , 11:40 AM | #26
Im a level 50 Sniper w/ Lethality spec on server Crucible Pits.

This is what I have noticed.

1) We have insane burst, when cull full procs w/ weakening blast the total dmg from that burst is deadly.

2) We are insanely energy dependant, meaning managing our energy should be our FIRST priority in 90% of the situations. We only have 1 ability to generate us our energy back, (2 if you use the pve set bonus but im not sure its worth it for the lack of expertise.)

3) We are aoe Masters... great for dotting and getting damage on a variety of targets

Now if we take our 3 core things ^^^ and keep these in mind while creating a playstyle, you turn into an absolute monster.


PvP starts, there is always a battle at the start, if you run right into that area... your already doing it wrong. Since we are so squishy and energy dependant we start out as more of a support roll, a variety of CC and lots and LOTS of dots! Keeping our energy approx 50-60% MIN!

As the battle progesses you should be making sure you dots are still up... when you see a target at 50% health, this is when we switch to full dps mode. With 60% NRG we can release a weakening blast > cull > takedown for a very high amount of burst dps.

When, and i do mean when , the target drops back to full support. Dots are up and back to restoring our energy for our next burst.

Now dont get me wrong Im not the best sniper in the world nor claiming to be, but I DO know quite a bit about PvP in general and how it will take more than a few weeks to master a class to its fullest potential.

If you feel like argueing that Lethality is ****, since healers can cleanse your dots off....
My response.. GL healing through teammates dmg and cleansing all of my dots off. With the aoe dot we have we are dotting 3 people instantly every 12 seconds ( I believe is the CD)
They cant do it.. Ive tested it many many times and my numbers for dmg are very close to 500K with a premade group everytime.

This is just the first few notes about sniper PvP that I have , when you plate that controllable burst dps with our defensive ablilties that barely anyone utilizes as lethality sniper you start seeing how much potential this class has..

Snipers are a difficult class to use, but when used right they can be a huge threat IMO.

I have wanted to create a fully in depth Sniper Lethality Guide. just waiting for enough interest for me to put in the full effort as it would be a very in depth guide.

Hope it helps <33

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01.31.2012 , 05:45 PM | #27
If you are a decent player you can do well with the sniper, but there are things that just do not seem fair. The ammount of white damage is insane. People barely belive me when I say a MM Sniper has almost only white damage hits. This also makes us more prone to stack accuracy where others do not.

Also, you can do pretty well in WZs as of now, but I forsee a darker future when brackets will come and fixed groups will play against each other. My dots wil be dispelled, and the gear will be "too much" for my MM spec.

It will be fun to see! But for now you can do good in WZs, atleast i do. Pulled a 635k in huttball too, which is rare for me atleast!

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01.31.2012 , 08:00 PM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by Sky_walkerPL View Post
I play one. In PvP more than often they do better job than DPS melee fighters (maybe besides these who can stealth, like Jedi Shadow).
Then I am afraid I have to tell you that they are just absolutely awful. ANYONE who gets Out-DPSed by a Scoundrel/Operative is either awful or has really poor gear.