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Hard Mode Puzzle Boss too buggy - please fix ASAP

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Hard Mode Puzzle Boss too buggy - please fix ASAP

Smokerscove's Avatar

01.30.2012 , 11:31 PM | #1
So my guild runs our first hard mode run tonight - we get to the puzzle boss and about halfway through the fight both consoles just stop working. We wipe then zone back in.. consoles are bugged so we exit, reset then reclear trash.

This procedes to happen 5 more times at varios points in the fight including 1 click from completing both sides.

I don't mind difficult bosses and hard mechanics but this buggy **** needs to be fixed.

My guild is utterly frustrated tonight. I'm not sure how much more they will put up with at this point.

KinkyFluff's Avatar

01.31.2012 , 01:00 AM | #2
I posted this in another thread. We have had this issue a whole night, trying different stuff posted on the forum (solve NSSN, SNNS or whatever).
What happened to work for us was using the console to turn LEFT and ONLY LEFT with whatever person didnt have the debuff at that time. Basically, turn the console whenever it activates, no matter what, with any person that doesnt have the debuff.

Glorionn's Avatar

01.31.2012 , 01:49 AM | #3
Always let South lock in first. South starts it as well.
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schwiz's Avatar

01.31.2012 , 01:51 AM | #4
happend today in my pug

MAFIAxMaverick's Avatar

01.31.2012 , 09:03 AM | #5
I'm pretty sure on hard mode it's meant to be solved a specific way otherwise you get 4 acklays or the consoles stop responding. That's just part of the hard/nightmare mode puzzle. I don't think iti is a bug.

Flubbah's Avatar

01.31.2012 , 09:18 AM | #6
It is a bug that you have to solve either south or north first, anything else makes no sense.

The spawning of 4 elites is perhaps an enrage timer, because you bruteforce click through the puzzle by simply clicking only 1 direction, and thus you use more turns. The colors are not random in the way they follow each other depending on your turn. But what color you see first is random.

And currently this encounter is FUBAR