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12+ HM SOA BUGS - list in progress

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01.30.2012 , 05:31 PM | #1
I think we should have a cleaned up list of HM Soa bugs... lets have it (compiled from other lists modifing as added or noted as intended)

A)*INTENDED*tank trapped resulting in boss hitting/killing random people
B)tank trapped resulting in Soa resetting on occasion if not picked up by an offtank specifically on bottom level
C)perma stuck in one even if destroyed
D)being released from one but being rooted in place unable to even range attack due a mysterious line of sight error

2)Cyclone: person cycloned right after being targeted by a ball lightning, resulting in it roaming freely to kill and unable to pop

3) Ball lightning:
A)*Most likely intended*NOT exploding during phase interlude
1)resulting in Orbs Explosions (x3) during 2nd phase
2)resulting in massive raid damage or wipe when going between platforms
B) nameplate and/or ball going invisible after up for a period of time(shouldnt happen with a good group but can)
C)several second lag between his cast channel completion and them actually appearing and names being called

4)3rd phase Soa getting hit correctly by pillars yet still invulnerable

5)2nd level flooring missing pieces on occasion after wipe(only known fix is reset after a wipe to prevent this)

A)sometimes unlootable
B)sometimes NO Loot

7)Power sources
A)*Possibly killed out of order*Killing 2 close to the same time can prevent further stacks from coming off
B)disembodied power sources that are unkillable

*annoyance possible bug*
8)pillar moves clear across room but soa keeps stopping to cast preventing him from making it in time to crash down spot
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01.30.2012 , 05:33 PM | #2
1A is intended behavior and perfectly counterable
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01.30.2012 , 05:57 PM | #3
We do not see issues 1 and 6 as buggy. The issue with pylons may also be working as intented, e.g. because a certain kill order must be maintained.

We simply kill ONLY the pylons which are on plattforms where we jump. Since we solved the kill-all-in-reach illness auf our ranged, the issue never occured again.
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