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I don't see Vader being 'all that'

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I don't see Vader being 'all that'

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01.31.2012 , 09:41 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by daoo View Post
Darth Vader/Anakin and Darth Bane is the "chosen ones" as of what I can think of..

latter one being the more important one IMO.

Lore wise, going chronologically, I doubt the times the movies were set in, would be the same if it wasnt for Bane..
Bane called himself the chosen one, The "Sith'ari"..
But that was only his arrogance talking, He never was the chosen one, Just a sith lord..
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01.31.2012 , 01:36 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Twolow View Post
I did put in my post that I understood the filming style of the era but I still think they could have included him more in the combat to reveal exactly why he is so feared by the Rebels. I know he was feared by his own men because in true villain form he would kill his henchmen but every villain does that. Villains always drop their henchmen through trap doors in the floor or kill them with a gun the second they screw up. Its movie writing establishing them as villains.

Of all the combat shown in the movies I only ever remember him in one space battle. If he was the God of force users as detailed in his youth then you would think he wouldn't leave the ground combat to his subordinates over and over that constantly kept failing. Had he quit pacing the ship and hanging out in his egg shaped bed with his helmet off and fought in these battles just once then I would have concluded "oh, thats why they fear him and that is why he a force to be recon'ed with!"

The most powerful asset to the Empire and he wasn't used short of issuing orders. It's like if Superman was real and we sent him to Iraq to help with the US war effort and he spent his time there in a tent issuing orders to the generals. That is not using Superman to the fullest.

"Superman, thank god your here! Our soldiers on that ridge are getting killed left and right!" Superman nods, "I'll save them. Send a second squad here, and then send your tanks around their flank. That should do it." *Flies away*
You are missing everything of actual importance here.

Cool fight scenes don't make a great character. It was his presence. The voice. The mask. The mechanical breathing. Vader didn't need to DO anything, you knew he was a ****** the moment he appears on screen. From a storytelling stand point it's the way everyone around him reacts to him that gives Vaders presence weight, not whether we see him force choke fifty rebels at once.

It seems like you're saying how BA a character is relates to how many big fight scenes they have.