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Bugs havent been a problem for me - until endgame!!

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Bugs havent been a problem for me - until endgame!!

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01.30.2012 , 04:32 AM | #1
Ok I can admit it when I'm wrong. To me everyone moaning about bugs were just making mountains out of molehills but im man enough to admit it that maybe i was wrong.

our guild have casually been levelling up, not rushing around trying to get the operations done, just enjoying the process.

had our 1st operation last night. eternity vault. 8 man.

i wasnt there for most of it but we cleared all the way up to the last boss then spend the next 2-3hrs wiping because of bugs.

if you didnt die randomly on the speeder before you even get there that is?!!?

wiped due to the boss boxing 2 people at 31%/30% the instant before he drops (we were slowing dps to get him to 31% then clearing boxes and nuking but at times he would box someone AS he dropped, screwing them over)

wiped due people falling through the floor when being ported into boxes

not to mention randomly sections of the floor just werent there! (this happened a few times on the 2nd level and the worst one was when a box spawned over it. anyone getting released from the box would spawn in mid air and fall to their deaths.

VERY frustrating. 100% would have killed him loads of times had it not been for these random bugs ruining out attempts.

messups/mistakes i can handle but when bugs are ruining your progress it gets old.. fast.

i do hope these issues are on BWs 'list' and will be remedied soon.

is this a sideeffect of no premade 50s on the test realm so people cant test the ops runs?

cant just be us that have experienced this issues..
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