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Suggestion Box = Paper Shredder

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01.30.2012 , 01:01 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by HumahKavula View Post
forum RPing is so cool you guys. is the force strong with this one??
Depends what you define as the force, if you are referring to the one in SW then I'd say not so much.

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01.30.2012 , 01:04 PM | #12
Hello everyone,

Threads which discuss moderation are closed, as we do not allow public discussion of moderation on the forums. Because of this, we are closing this one as well.

While we do understand that moderation can be frustrating, the forums are not the proper venue to vent frustrations. Instead, we highly encourage anyone who has inquires or feedback (both positive and negative) to email us at so we may address your concerns one-on-one.

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