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Everyone Relax

Sulvan's Avatar

01.29.2012 , 11:31 PM | #1
I know everyone is saying this class is op because of this and they are because of that. But just sit down and relax for a minute. Some people need to realize not all builds are good for pvp. You cant get every class nerfed because then it goes in an endless spiral of nerfing and buffs. Once you get your build just stick with it. I hated my sage went heals failed went telekenitics failed. But now i am working on my own hybrid build that will fit me perfectly. It is my 7/16/18 build. I am trying to level and when i achieve the level i need it will rock. Since a lot of it is for damage increase. Now i am topping damage in warzones. AND BEST OF ALL I DONT SPAM ANY MOVES WHAT SO EVER. ONLY TRUE WAY TO FIGHT IS TO FIGHT FAIR. TY

1. Plz Bioware add dual spec.

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01.30.2012 , 04:49 AM | #2
If that's the case then it should be pointed out from the get go that there are only two viable classes for PVP (before you pick your class). Merc and Sorc (or the reb mirrors) that can do all the same and more than the other classes, with ease.

Yeah, nice variety there. Now, I'll get back to play my Merc and Sorc alts ...And relax. See you all there other Mercs and Sorcs.
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