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The Jedi Consular story....

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The Jedi Consular story....

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01.29.2012 , 09:20 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Saseav View Post
it's pretty amazing.
No it isn't.

If you play your character as a healing sage and a diplomat then the story is custom made for you. Otherwise you're SOL and left feeling like you're playing someone else's custom written story.
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01.30.2012 , 02:10 AM | #12
Just finished the story and it's not too bad.

Slow at the start but it picks up later on.

The story is very suitable for a Jedi Consular, diplomacy and all that.
I kind of like it.

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01.30.2012 , 04:42 AM | #13
I enjoyed Chapters 1 and 3. Chapter 2 felt kinda 'meh' for me. But overall a positive play through.
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01.30.2012 , 04:52 AM | #14
I enjoyed it. Chapter 1 may be a little slow in its middle milestone but the end is kinda nice. Chapters 2 and 3 are, imho, very good; I love those histaories.

But as said: if you expect high dosis of action and shootin'&slicin', you'll be disappointed. If you enjoy the "Jedi Consul way of live", it should satisfy you.

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01.30.2012 , 05:52 AM | #15
I've found several stories are boring until Chapter 2. Consulars, I've heard the worst about your class story. Is it just Chapter 1? Or are Chapter 2 and 3 bad as well?

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01.30.2012 , 06:12 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by DirtyStain View Post
I've found several stories are boring until Chapter 2. Consulars, I've heard the worst about your class story. Is it just Chapter 1? Or are Chapter 2 and 3 bad as well?
For accurate answer, I'll need to go on spoiler territory.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

I havet he line between chapter 2 and 3 a little blurry, if someone want to correct me, I welcome it.

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01.30.2012 , 09:07 AM | #17
I was really, and totally, disapointed by the final ending of the Concular class. As well as the romance...

I knew, as doing a shadow, that I would do diplomatics. I thought the first part was great even if somewhat too long. I was glad to end this (poor hundreds of jedi masters... all died ^^)

Second part was OK. Getting alliance and such.
Then for the whole third part until the end at Corellia I found it excellent. Chasing Sons of the Emperor (who are actually real Sith who had seen the Emperor and then got their memory erased and send to high placed such as Diplomats, or on Tython to become a Jedi and so on).
Discovering who is the First Son is also so thrilling. And I expected at that time an epic battle, a real hard fight.

* Warning, may contain some spoilers *

But then... the end. How disapointing... When you finally finds out where is the First Son hiding. And go to kill/save/fight against him... I was waiting for something EPIC. Something big, where you need to travel the whole galaxy with your Esh-Kha, Voss and Droid army and friends.
Like when you go on this spaceship to save the crew how got slaughtered by a mad Jedi. Or on that space station to free Nadia's father and the King and Queen (or president) of Nadia's planet. That was something. Interesting, incredible fight, I thought (with the CO2 barrel you need to explode in order to control this totally overpowered Sith...)

But this First Son...
First the settings: "it's a trap !" well, yes, it is. In a bunker on Corellia, you end up in a lame cave, alone with your prefered compagnion. Facing this First Son, half fighting against himself to resist the power of the Sith in him. (that was maybe the only cool thing in the fight).
Not going on a epic travel, to find his space station, or anything.
Nothing Epic, nothing special. Killed him easily with Tharan (died first time with Nadia...). Just like any other Son of the Emperor. Just like any other Elite mob.

And then ? the final scene. I'm already "THE" Barsen'thor, okay, great, and ? And nothing. A small scene with nome men, some clapping, some rewards for the people I freed of I made rejoin the Republic, and for me ? "Great respect and go battle on Ilum b*tch, there's much to do" Ok well.. great ending...
I was refused to be on the council (was that because I'm completely on the Dark Side of the Force ? or was it because I was not able to save the Jedi from the First Son ? Even if I tried to ! I specifically did chose every choice to not kill or attack him (even if I'm complete dark, I still wanted to save this guy...)

And that's it. Disapointed. No real reward from the Republic.

So then, frustrated as I was, I went on youtube to see other ending possibilities.
If you're light sided or if you save the First Son (not sure which make sit, the one on the video did both), you get a place at the Jedi Concil ! How cool ! I would have loved that at least to make my disapointing less big.

Then, I went to see the Jedi Knight ending. And there... I felt busted.
The whole ending, settings and scene is EPIC.

*warning spoiler here on the ending of Jedi Knight*

First, he got to kill the Emperor. Ok, I'm fine with this. The First Son is cool too. But he travals to the Emperor's Space Station: Setting is epic. Has a huge double story with it, epic. Get help from "not any longer" ally from the Emperor (epic). Get (at least I though) huge reward and recognotion from both the Jedi Concil and the Military.
In the ending scene (while people appause and stuff) you get to see "known faces" in it. Like the soldier on Alderaan (the one in the cinematic who burst a grenade at his and the sith's face), the one you can actually see on Alderaan during the bonus missions. And so on.
Oh, and you get a Son of the Emperor as Compagnion too, and the Emperor's Wrath/right hand too...
Your padawan (as a Knight) becomes a Knith.

My poor Nadia is barrley a Padawan and not even mentioned in the ending. And so on...

After seeing this, I really felt disapointed. So much could have been done for this last fight / compagnion quest / recongnition.

Why not putting the First Son by the side of the Emperor ? On the same space station, and you would get a cinematic like "Go my son, take care of this useless Consular, I'll take this worthless Jedi Kight" <3
Or being on his station/spaceship, with lots of many other Sith, and having the First Son battle against you, against himself and against other Sith, helping you as he takes over the First Son spirit and attacking you as he loses control. Double <3

Endless possibilities to give a feeling or epicness to this ending. Not a "forever alone" cave...

And I would have loved Ending class quest (only the ending, or ending of each chapter, not each quest) to be as hard as Heroic 2 or even Heroic 4. Travaling with friends in your spaceship instantly brings the Epicness and Awesomenss to it.

A small word (and last) on Nadia... It is hard NOT to get married to her. As late compagnon get an appreciation bonus, got her to 10k in less than... 3 lvl maybe ? Having sometimes some 800+ bonus in one answer...
And she disobey instantly to the Jedi Code as she literarly throws herself in your arms. I expected it would have been harder to make out with a Jedi. Bringing Dark Side "point" if chosing to romance her. But not.
I thought I had a innocent and imature small girl on my ship that didn't relize whe wants to make out with a horrible Jedi murderer... at least she is pretty.
Things too easy bring no satisfaction

Sorry for this huge text ^^

Finngarh, Barsen'thor (w tf ?) and unknown saver of the Republic
(I really have no more guilt or remorse to have killed all those failured jedis...)

Phydra's Avatar

01.30.2012 , 09:55 AM | #18
I have to admit, I was surprised and hoping to be wrong when they let teasers out of the First Son's identity in the beginning of 3; then I was disappointed that I wound up not only facing him down in a cave, but had to call in my trooper partner to help me defeat him (Hello, healers and randomly dropping rocks that one shot you do not mix!).

I was pretty jazzed about getting a seat on the council, but could make no sense of the outcome that I get a title essentially based on chapter 2 as my chapter 3 reward. (I hear the title used to be "of the Jedi Council" and it should have stayed that way, frankly.)

I was also disappointed that, as a new member of the Jedi Council not only do I find I'm still barred from the damn council chambers unless they summon me, they don't actually want to talk to me except to pat me on the head and send me on my way to Ilum.

I enjoyed the storyline overall, but kind of wish there were more than just "repeatedly relive the battle of ilum while waiting for the next crisis". (Serves me right for leveling capping so early, I know, but dang, I should have some kind of class-specific rotation of dailies rather than the same things every day, over and over... at least enough class-specific dailies that I could imagine they're different from the dailies everyone and their brother are running.)

I still think there's a lot of value (and mileage) to be had in getting some kind of "take a padawan" quests to return you to Tython as mentor to new/lower level players. This would be perfectly in alignment with not only the canon, but with the concept of what a Consular is all about.

Not so much a "side kick" thing, but having quest lines that pit you against new threats, your padawan against things they wouldn't see unless they were in this master/padawan relationship, and both players reaping some manner of status/reward (alternate means of social points; perhaps shared turn-ins where divergent quests come together for "the report to the council") as a result of being a loosely operating "team".

Dreams for the future, I suppose. Back to Ilum and the stack of the usual dailies with me...
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01.30.2012 , 10:36 AM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by Phydra View Post
I was pretty jazzed about getting a seat on the council, but could make no sense of the outcome that I get a title essentially based on chapter 2 as my chapter 3 reward. (I hear the title used to be "of the Jedi Council" and it should have stayed that way, frankly.)
I personnaly thought the identity of the First Son was really cool. Huge turn over that brought a little thrilling and excitment, knowing this guy for so long. Instantly bringing me a crucial question: will I save him or not ? ^^

What's the title anyway ? I didn't pay any attention to this as I found this ending so... worthless ? Was that really the title you could get ? That would have been classy for sure ! But then, if depending on the Force Side, or any choice made, one (like me ?) would feel "injured" ? not having this such, we have to admit, ba das s title ! (i get censored if I write it in one)

This idea of getting a player-padawan sounds like fun !
You play a Counsular ? You were also disapointed by the ending ? Read my review of it here:

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01.30.2012 , 01:55 PM | #20
Personally, I'm halfway through Act Two and really enjoying it. As a shadow, it seems act 2 is more my sort of territory but I enjoyed Act One as well. Frankly, why be disappointed with a consular story that deals with diplomacy? That's what we do.

Disclaimer: I didn't actually read most of this thread to avoid spoilers.