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Most and least favorite flashpoint

kristoffbrujah's Avatar

01.29.2012 , 05:25 AM | #1
What is your most and least favorite flashpoint and why?

Most favorite: Athiss. Good layout, good length, and a little strategy needed. Mixture of outdoor combat and indoor. Huge boss definitely gave me the "oh s***" factor and avoiding the fire at the final boss makes for a thrill.

Least favorite: Colicoid. What a mess. Poorly designed and not enjoyable. I have this lightsaber for a reason right, so why do I want to shoot a turret? Half my party is being thrown off a cliff while we're trying to figure out some weird puzzle. Very WoW-ish and not in the spirit of Star Wars.

Majo_NDM's Avatar

01.29.2012 , 05:28 AM | #2
Mine favorite is Red Reaper because it never bugged when I tried it.

And my least favorite is D7 because its always bugged and False Emperor, because when I tried it on normal mode it took us 4,5h to do it and drop was total disapointment (we already had better equipment when we reached 50 than u can get there). So its totally not rewarding.

Kungrah's Avatar

01.29.2012 , 05:40 AM | #3
Most favorite is a tie between D7 and False Empy. The stories of these places really are amazing, mostly False Emperor because of how it makes me wish I could side with Malgus and make a new Empire that allows all races to join and serve, especially when you see what they accomplised with the Trandoshen and Arkus Wode.

My least favorite is The Battle for Ilum. I have no idea why but this place is just so boring. Like if I look at it now as a whole and see what happens from start to finish, I don't have anything that jumps out to signify it's boring, it just is. The first time I completed it wasn't even that great, it just kind of... ended and that's it we got a fighter.

Guymo's Avatar

01.29.2012 , 10:54 AM | #4
Well let's see:

1. The Foundry: I just like the atmosphere of the Flashpoint and especially the emotional encounters against my old "friends" Revan and HK-47 brought back so many good memories from KoToR.

2. The false Emperor: Again it is the great atmosphere which cached my attention the most. I never liked Darth Malgus from the very start and when I found out on Ilum that he was a betrayer I really enjoyed kicking his ***. Knocking him all the way down was obviously great, too.

3. D7: Interesting storyline about rebelling robots which endanger the entire galaxy, demanding boss encounters like Bullwark and the most fun boss I've seen in a long time (Mentor). All the ingredients for an enjoyable evening!.

4. Kaon under Siege: Basically a well done L4Dead: Star Wars with solid boss mechanics and an atmospheric environment. Quite enjoyable.

5. Boarding Party: Not particular exciting or demanding but it's a fine Flashpoint. The boss mechanics are mildly interesting, the length is about the right size and the design is done well.

6. Black Talon: Well it's supposed to be easy, right? But the boss mechanics are really dull and all the dialogue is rarely worth the time. Not my favorite Flashpoint at all.

7. Battle for Ilum: To begin with the positive points...I didn't like Darth Severin on Voss so offing him was fine but the rest of the Flashpoint is just plain boring from start to finish.